How to Paste Wallpaper

HOW TO PASTE WALLPAPER – If you want to hang wallpaper then you are going to have to apply a coating of wallpaper paste. This may seem like a job that is obvious to do, but how many times have you ended up with paste on the front side of the wallpaper and paste all over the pasting table?

In this guide we show you how a professional apply paste to wallpaper so that you don’t get it on the face side and you don’t clog up your pasting table with paste. Here’s how to.

Step 1

Ensure that you are organized. That is you have prepared the room by removing the old wallpaper, repaired any cracks or holes in the walls, cut your lengths of wallpaper, remembering to leave approximately 50mm either end for wastage, set up your pasting table and mixed a quantity of wallpaper paste adhesive.

Step 2

Place TWO sheets of wallpaper, on top of one another, and place these on the table ready for pasting.

Step 3

Take the top sheet of wallpaper and slide this way from you so that it overhangs the edge of the table by approximately 10mm.

Step 4

Fill your paste brush with paste and start applying it to the wallpaper down the middle. Continue this until you have the middle of the wallpaper covered liberally.

Step 5

Fill your paste brush again and using outward stroke apply the paste to and over the edge using a criss-cross pattern. This criss-cross pattern will ensure that you do not miss any spots.

DO NOT apply the paste on the inward stroke, ONLY brush outwards. If you apply the paste on the inward stroke you will get a build up of paste that will then get on the front side. Work your way down the length of the wallpaper until the entire edge is covered.

Step 6

Once you have covered the entire edge of the length, take the wallpaper and slide it towards you so that it overhangs the pasting table by approximately 10mm.

Step 7

Repeat the criss-cross pattern applying the paste on the outward strokes only along the entire length. It is likely that the length of the wallpaper is longer than the table, so once you have finished pasting one section you can fold the wallpaper onto itself and then slide it up the table so you can paste the remainder of the wallpaper.

Step 8

From the top and bottom of the paper, slide the wallpaper over the edge by approximately 10mm. Remember it is NOT essential that you paste right up to the edge as approximately 50mm on either end is wastage.

Step 9

Once you have finished pasting the wallpaper you can take the other end and fold this inwards to meet the other fold, then fold again over so that you have a nice neat package of pasted wallpaper.

Step 10

When you have finished you will notice that you have no paste on the front side of the wallpaper and no paste to clean up on the table. This will make the job of pasting and hanging wallpaper so much easier.

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