How to Re-point Brickwork

The pointing in brickwork is not only designed to make brickwork look attractive but its primary purpose is to shed water, from rainfall, from the wall. If you have noticed that the pointing in a wall requires a little attention that is it is crumbling and or pieces are missing altogether then this handy guide will show you how to re-point your brickwork properly.

Watch the video below as this provide full visual instructions along with some handy advice and tips on re-pointing your brickwork.

Step 1

You will need to pick a fine day to do this job. If the mortar becomes too wet you’ll end up staining the bricks and it will look awful.

Step 2

Using a mortar rake and cold chisel remove the mortar between the Perks (that’s the vertical lines of mortar between each brick) and the Beds (that’s the horizontal lines between the rows of bricks) to a depth about 15mm.

Step 3

Once you have cleaned out the mortar you need to wet down the area. Don’t overdo this, you want to make it wet enough to help the new mortar to adhere but you don’t want the bricks soaking wet.

Step 4

Take a soft brush and clean the section of wall you are working on so that any loose bits of mortar are removed.

Step 5

It’s now time to mix up some mortar for the repointing. Do not make the mortar too wet as it can make a mess and stain your bricks. You need it just wet enough to be pliant.

Step 6

Place some mortar on a hand mortar board and using a brick pointing tool work the mortar into the Perks and Beds of the brickwork.

Step 7

Once you have finished take a trowel and scrape off any loose bits of mortar to tidy up the job. Before the mortar dries completely take the soft brush and work over the area just to remove any loose bits of mortar.

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