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How to Repair Holes and Cracks in Walls and Ceilings

HOW TO REPAIR HOLES AND CRACKS IN WALLS AND CEILINGS – The job of repairing walls and ceilings is a job all DIY’er can do with ease. Filling those holes and cracks not only makes your home look better, it is far easier to decorate a surface that is smooth, whether you are hanging wallpaper or intending to paint  the walls. In this guide we provide practical advice and methods for filling holes and cracks in your walls and ceilings so when you do finish decorating the walls look smooth and stylish.


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The first thing to do is to remove all the furniture in the room and put down dust covers to keep your floor coverings clean. Getting everything out of your way is much easier than continuously having to step around or over furniture and objects. It also prevents any filler, paint or other decorating materials getting on your furniture.


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Holes – This depends on how big the holes are. For nail and screw holes you can simply apply poly filler and smooth out with a putty knife and once dry smooth with fine grade sandpaper. For larger holes a wall patch may be necessary. This is a bandage material that is placed over the hole and squeezed gently into place. Once dry you can mix up a small quantity of plaster and plaster over the patch. Once this dries you can smooth the area out with fine grade sandpaper.


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If you have very large holes then using a patch may not be suitable. There are other fillers on the market that are specifically designed to cope with this, for example, expanding foam filler. This comes in a spray can that you shake, fitted with a nozzle which can then be squirted into the hole. As the foam reacts to the air it expands, filling the hole, and then sets hard.


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Cracks – If you have small or hairline cracks then buy a tub of ready made filler. This can be applied using a putty knife and once dry can be easily sanded down to produce a very smooth finish. If the crack is more severe, then drill holes all the way around the crack. Take some adhesive and inject this in all the holes you made. Allow this to dry and then use a ready made filler and leave this to dry. Once dry you can sand this down, again using a fine grade sand paper.


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It is often easy to miss cracks and holes, especially pin hole and hairline cracks. Unfortunately, these become really apparent after you have decorated, and none more so if you are applying a coat of paint. The trick to repair holes and cracks is to work methodically around the room. Start in the corner of one wall than carefully scan the walls and then ceilings as you work around the room. Filling in the holes and cracks is a simple job but an essential one if the finished decorated room is to look really good.

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