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How To Stop Squirrels from Eating Your Birdseed

HOW TO STOP SQUIRRELS FROM EATING YOUR BIRDSEED – I don’t care what anyone says, red or gray, squirrels are not only cute, they are very entertaining to watch. A squirrel is such an ingenious creature and when it comes to food they are capable of many feats in order to get at it.

Saying that we do understand that you don’t really want squirrels eating the food you put out for the birds, especially if you are a bird-watcher trying to attract a certain species. The Garden Pests Guide below will show you ways to stop squirrels from eating your bird seed.


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Do not simply lay birdseed on an open bird table or worse on the ground as the squirrels will just have a feast while the birds go hungry.  Note also that putting bird food on the ground leaves your feathered friends open to attack from other predators, especially the household cat or that owned by your neighbor.


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Buy a weight trap feeder.  This little feeder is great.  It is designed to snap shut if any heavier than a bird steps onto the feeding plate / platform.  Go to your local pet store and ask about the available trap feeders – they often come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


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Buy specific bird foods that squirrels do not like – it’s not a foolproof way, but it does cut down on the amount they consume.  Just remember that squirrels, like most creatures, will eat anything if they are hungry enough and this is most often the case in the winter months when food becomes scarce.

Do spare a thought for the squirrels in your garden during the winter months and better still buy food that they like, such as a mixed variety of nuts.  Your squirrels and even your birds will really appreciate the food.


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Try mixing hot peppers in with the birdseed mix – it won’t harm the birds but squirrels really don’t like the taste and will avoid the food you put out.  Get hold of some chili peppers and finely chop them up and mix it in.  The chances are that once the squirrels get the scent of the peppers they will move on.


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If your bird feeder is on a pole the put a baffler net on the pole – it looks like an up-side-down umbrella and is extremely difficult for a squirrel to bypass.  On that note just remember that if you feeder is on a pole and anywhere near a tree then the baffler will not work as the squirrels will simply by-pass this by using the tree as a jump platform.


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Do not hang bird feeders in tree branches or on washing lines – this provides very easy access for a squirrel.


If you are anything like me the you are not going to worry about the squirrels eating any food you put out for the birds.  I personally like to put out larger quantities as I really love watching the birds and the squirrels in my garden.


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