How to Tie Rebar

HOW TO TIE REBAR - When building large objects or areas of concrete flooring many builders will use rebar to tie the structure together in order to add more strength. This guide will show you how to tie rebar together.

Step 1

Rebar is constructed in a cage like structures.  These are then added to the area where the concrete will be poured.  Rebar is basically steel rods and depending on what type of concreting you are doing will invariably dictate the diameter of the steel bars (rebar) that you need to use.

For the cages to be constructed these are tied together with wire strips and here’s what you have to do to tie the rebar rods together to form the shape of cage you need.

Step 2

Once you have determined the size and shape of the rebar cage cut all the lengths you will need.  Take a length of wire and wrap it around the two pieces of rebar you want to join together. Cut the wire leaving about 2″ either side.

Step 3

Take a pair of pincers or pliers and twist the two ends together and tighten. You can buy a special tool that twists the wire. If you have a lot of rebar to tie it is recommend using one of these to save the strain on your wrists.

Step 4

Repeat this process throughout the joints and corners of the rebar cage you are making.

Step 5

Finally check around the rebar cage to make sure you have not missed any joints or corners.  Don’t worry about over doing it with the wire ties as the more you have will only make the rebar caging stronger.

Once your rebar cage is constructed it can be lifted into place.  Note for extremely large areas of concrete, where rebar is used, such as a driveway, it is often the case that the rebar is constructed where the concrete is going to be poured – this negates the necessity of having to move it and allows the construction team to make one large rebar cage that is all tied together.

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