How to Use Disc Cutters Safely

HOW TO USE DISC CUTTERS SAFELY – Safety is paramount when you’re using a disc cutter. Make sure you take all of the precautions necessary to ensure your cutting job goes off without a hitch.

It almost goes without saying that it is important to use cutting instruments safely. Of course, a large part of this is all about common sense and making sure you concentrate properly on the job at hand, but different cutting tools also have different requirements so it’s worth taking a look at these too – has a wide variety of guides on tools to help you, so check out their DIY Tools and Power Tools section. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at what you need to do to ensure you always use disc cutters safely.

Disc cutters are a type of power saw that are generally powerful enough to cut through tough materials such as concrete and some types of metal as well as softer materials such as wood. Since they are so much more powerful than, for instance, a small handheld saw, this means we need to take extra precautions whenever we are using them.


Follow the instructions

We don’t need to dwell too long on this point because it is fairly self-explanatory. All disc cutters are slightly different, so make sure you read the instructions that come with your chosen cutter before you start to use it. This should give you a good overview of its operation and safety features. Making sure that you choose a cutter that is well-known for its safety is also a good move.


Securing the item

Probably one of the most important safety considerations whenever you are using a disc cutter – or indeed any type of saw – is that whatever it is you are cutting through needs to be properly secured. If it isn’t, your control over the cutter and the item in question will not be as good as it should be.

For this reason, before you even think about switching on the power tool, make sure you take the time to secure what you are planning to cut through and, if necessary, enlist another person to help you – ensuring that they stay away from the blade at all times, of course.


Know your cutting line

It is very helpful to know exactly where you will be cutting before you switch on the disc cutter, so if necessary draw a physical line on the item you are planning to cut through. This will not only give you a guide to work to and improve the finished result, but it is an important safety aspect too.

This is because a saw that veers off the intended path is more likely to be a dangerous saw, especially if it subsequently encounters a substance it is unable to cut through. The cutter could end up damaged and you could end up with less control of it – both factors that have the potential to contribute to accidents. So, before you cut, make sure you know where you want to guide the saw and check it is capable of cutting through the material in question.


Using the saw

This is another common sense issue – but an important one. When you are using the disc cutter, make sure you have got a good, sturdy grip on it, and always ensure that your hands are nowhere near the blade. Wear protective gloves, clothing and eyewear if necessary and never move the blade towards you – always cut away from you.  Anyone helping you with the disc cutter should also take the same protective clothing precautions, and after you’ve finished cutting you should never touch the blade until it is unplugged and has cooled down.