How to Use Expanding Foam Filler

HOW TO USE EXPANDING FOAM FILLER – If you have a large hole in a wall that needs filling, then using an expandable foam filler is a quick and an ideal way to repair a hole. In this guide we’ll show you the best way to use an expandable foam filler with easy to follow steps.

Step 1

Most expanding foam fillers come in CFC Free propellant cans and can be purchased at almost any DIY Store. These are ideal for filling, insulating and sealing any large gaps.

Step 2

Prepare the area and hole by making sure it is free from dirt, grime, grease and debris.

Step 3

Read the manufacturer’s instructions for use – this will be printed on the can of foam. Ideally you should not apply in temperatures below 5 Celsius and above 25 Celsius.

Step 4

Put on on some disposable gloves and remove the cap from the can of foam.

Step 5

Take the applicator nozzle and screw this into the valve at the top of the can. DO NOT bend or use excessive force to tighten the applicator to the valve.

Step 6

Using a spray water bottle, set this to produce a fine mist and dampen down the area you are filling.

Step 7

Shake the can of foam for a duration as directed on the can of foam.

Step 8

Starting from the bottom of the hole, place the nozzle inside and depress the nozzle to start filling. Work upwards and be careful not to overfill as the foam will expand rapidly.

Step 9

You can, as you work, apply a spray of water, to maximize the foam expansion.

Step 10

If the holes that you are filling are particularly large then stop at intervals and shake the can well.

Step 11

Once you have completed filling the whole leave the foam to dry completely. Drying times for most foams is approximately 30 minutes, but do read the drying times on the can.

Step 12

You will find that foam has been expanded beyond the hole. Once the foam is completely dry you can cut off any excess protruding from the wall using a saw. If you are going around pipework, then pay attention so as not to damage the pipe.

Step 13

To finish the job you can sand off any remaining excess.

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