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How to use statement pieces to brighten up your home

If your home decorating has favoured a neutral palette, or if you are renting and want to avoid repainting, then why not use statement pieces to brighten up your home.

By punctuating your tasteful but tame home decor with the occasional brightly coloured accessory, or piece of statement furniture, you can draw attention to key areas of a room.

Furniture Statement Pieces

See your rug as a centrepiece for your living room

There are a multitude of mistakes that you can make when choosing a rug, mistakes made even more disastrous when you rely on your rug to add colour and interest to an otherwise simple interior.

Rugs are often used to add texture to a room, while protecting wooden floors from damage from chair and table legs. But rugs offer a fantastic opportunity to express your artistic side. By choosing an interesting and dynamic rug you can create a central space in a room.

When decorating a room from scratch, we recommend finding a rug you’re completely in love with and working your colour palette around it.

A rug is often a large piece with a lot of visual impact, so find a rug that reflects the colour scheme you’re after and buy pieces that work around it. You’ll find it a lot easier than trying to find the perfect rug once all your other pieces are in place, unless you go for something very neutral in colour.

Bazaar Velvet offer a selection of meticulously hand-knotted contemporary rugs, made to size and perfect as a statement piece. Their Rajput Teal and Persia Rajasthan Electric Blue rugs are splendid for adding cool colours.


Add a little sunshine with yellow furniture

In order to not overpower a room, a bright and vibrant hue should be used, but in moderation. As with most bold colours, less can be more, and one or two pieces of  furniture in the same colour as the sun can do wonders in a room begging for a little extra light.

Homeware designer Revenys layouts make for eye catching ensembles. In one piece, they pair a charcoal sofa, white walls, and the occasional whisper of deep reds and breathy blues, perfectly complements the room’s statement piece – a bright yellow sideboard.

Don’t be afraid to explore different options for your little piece of sunshine, you’re not restricted to storage units. Dining chairs, wall clocks, and even just a selection of throw cushions, can add that desired flash of brilliant yellow.

Be brave and be bold, because yellow statement pieces are not for the yellow bellied.


Make the most out of bare walls

Walls hangings are important home decorations and can include everything from hanging plants, to family photos.

Though candid pictures of family members and holiday snap make from very personal touches to your home decor, you don’t have to stick to single framed prints. A trio of images, hung above a headboard or sofa  adds dimension to your wall decorating.

Although pictures they are a timeless choice, consider being a little adventurous and explore rugs as wall hangings, macrame statement pieces, and colourful hanging baskets for plant pots and terrariums.

By adopting a few of these ideas you’re sure to draw the complimentary eye of anyone who visits your home.

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