Ideas For Remodelling Or Updating Your Bathroom

IDEAS FOR REMODELLING OR UPDATING YOUR BATHROOM – Redecorating any room in the home requires a certain amount of dedication, time and money to be saved up. Before going out to purchase any materials or furnishings you need to work out when you will be able to carry out any DIY work, when builders or other help can come round and also the amount of money you can afford to spend. Once this initial planning stage has been carried out you can then start properly planning what you are going to buy, or if on a budget what you are going to change.

Remodelling a bathroom can cost a lot of money if you want it to, but it can also be done cheaply whilst still looking fantastic. It can depend on what state the original bathroom is in too, if tiles are really cracked or the walls have any mould on them then it will need more work doing to it.

If the main problem in your bathroom is that it doesn’t look very white anymore, it may be a case of some serious cleaning as opposed to remodelling. Natural ingredients you will probably find in your kitchen like lemons and white vinegar, which are great for making things come up gleaming. If the bathroom you have is blue or another colour you can resurface it and then paint over it white, just make sure you buy the correct paint such as EP acrylic. If you think it would be best to get a new bath you might want to take a look at some full sets because if you get a gorgeous new tub it might just show up your toilet and sink!

Tiles 1

When it comes to the walls of your bathroom, you may just have painted walls with some tiling in the shower and vinyl flooring. However tiles have been a big trend over recent years and are set to become even more popular this year. They are the most practical bathroom solution too as they are waterproof and durable.

Mosaics come in all different colours and are a great way to inject some style into what can sometimes be a plain room. Replacing the vinyl with bathroom floor tiles will make cleaning the room easier and really bring the room together. Natural colours are the most popular this year and generally work best within a bathroom as you want to keep a light and airy feel.

If you do have a large budget to blow on the remodel then there are some fantastic luxuries that would help you turn your bathroom into something more like a spa. Under floor heating, heated towel racks, his and her sinks are just a few ideas to really create a relaxing space.

  • Laura Garcia

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