Interior Design Styles to Visually Change Your Living Space for 2013

Interior design styles to visually change your living space for 2013

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INTERIOR DESIGN STYLES TO VISUALLY CHANGE YOUR LIVING SPACE FOR 2013 – This article gives a brief over view of the simple interior design ideas to visually change your living space on trend for 2013 by either accentuate quirks, balance room proportions and visually enhancing the size of a room.

If you have a room that is too small one should use light colours on all surfaces to reflect the light, you can enhance this effect with the addition of mirrors. A full length mirror always looks particularly dramatic in a tiny room. Your selection of furnishings should match or coordinate with your wall colour, this will essentially cause the furniture to vanish, and if appropriate choose furniture that can double up as storage. In small rooms storage is often one of the key issues so to buy multipurpose items of furniture you will able to keep your clutter free visually impressive space. Whether you are decorating your bathroom or bedroom all the rules apply.

When it comes to large rooms, to avoid clutter, one should choose key large pieces of furniture for your rooms and create zones within the space. For example, in a large sitting room you could have a study area, a reading area and a snuggling up with a film area; these are known as ‘conversation’ groupings. These areas are created by the choice of furnishings and appropriate lighting. In large rooms the walls can take a much warmer, darker colour than in a smaller room, this will give the impression of warmth and will invite your guests in instead of giving the feeling of sheer expansion (some people do prefer the large space feel, it is all personal taste).

To kit out your room, whether it is small, large or perfectly proportioned is an exciting job and if you like to stay on trend then the interior fashions for 2013 is:

 Botanical retro prints; can be used as a splash of colour on the walls or in the soft furnishings such as your curtains, blinds, cushions or throws.

 The wood feel is coming indoors; shabby wooden chairs, wooden floors, exposing wooden beams and rustic wooden tables. These teamed up with the botanical prints gives a feeling of nature inside your home.

 To cut through the natural feel, brass is making a comeback – brass lamp stands, brass ornaments and brass candle holders will add a touch of theatre to your room.

 Unlike the industrial feel to the brass, marble and cut glass are also on trend for 2013 to add elegance to our homes.

I hope that this article has been of use to you and has given you a few ideas for your home decoration in 2013.