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Landscaping your Dream Garden

Landscaping Your DreamDesigning one’s own garden is something that requires thought and planning, and it is advisable to consult the experts, who have the hands-on experience in creating the ideal garden. In Western Australia, the climate is temperate, and this means the garden can be utilised for much of the year. So, armed with a budget and a few ideas, one needs to talk to a landscape contractor about possible designs.


The experts

As any gardener will confirm, one should first consider what is already there. Trees and shrubs, and any land undulation should be taken into consideration. Large trees can sometimes be a blessing, as they provide valuable shade in the summer months. If a large tree has to be removed, stump grinding by Perth Arbor Services, will totally remove the roots, without damaging the surrounding area.


Design concept

If the home owner prefers to have a shady area for alfresco dining, then a patio is ideal. A selection of slabs, or just poured stencilled concrete will provide a firm base for your garden parties, and with an awning and some nice garden furniture, the terrace is complete. If size permits, one might consider a rockery, with a waterfall that runs into a series of streams, and with a small electric pump, the water is circulated and recycled. There are landscaping companies that offer tree services in Perth and surrounding areas, as well as full landscaping services.


Paths and driveways

It’s always nice to have walkways through the grounds, and with a series of turfed areas that are bordered by flower beds, the look is complete. Rustic fencing can give the garden a country feel, and with trestles over the pathways, climbing plants can help create unique tunnels, and with the right lighting, one can orchestrate the perfect summer ambience. Creating pathways usually involves tree felling and stump grinding, which the landscape contractor will gladly see to.


Selecting the right contractor

Designing and creating the ideal garden requires professional assistance. The Internet is a wonderful tool, and can be used to source an established landscape gardener in the vicinity. An experienced gardener would be happy to offer suggestions on how to achieve the maximum benefit from the area, and once a concept has been realised, he or she would offer a competitive quote for the project.


Local reputation

By using a local contractor, a person can feel confident that the workmanship will be first class, and it is a good idea to ask to see some examples of previous projects. Talk to the landscaper about all the possibilities, as he or she has hands-on experience in creating garden masterpieces. One may wish to plant some trees for the future, and the contractor will know of suitable species that will provide the right cover.


Recycled materials

Costs can be kept to a reasonable level by using recycled materials, and one might want to think about installing a rain harvesting system, which can provide water for the garden, at a fraction of the cost. In the modern world, the emphasis is on self-sufficiency and eco-friendly practices, and this can be reflected in garden design.

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