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Leaving the City: 5 Tips For Embracing the Suburban Lifestyle

Leaving the City 5 Tips For Embracing the Suburban LifestyleOkay, you’ve made the move.

You have decided it’s time for more space, time for a family, or just simply THE time. So you’re moving to the suburbs, and you know it’s a good idea, but the city was just so fun! Here are the top 5 reasons you will actually fall in love with suburban life, and perhaps the reason you will decide that your move to Yarrabend off the plan apartments throughout Melbourne was the best decision you ever made!


  1. Driving, You can actually do it!

Just imagine how it will feel when you drive somewhere at peak hour and make better time than if you just walked! The suburbs take you back to a time when the leisurely Sunday drive not only exists, but can be genuinely pleasurable, and when the GPS tells you it’s only a fifteen-minute drive, that is how long it will actually take!

Just imagine it, not needing to stop every five meters, and only stopping when you can really see the traffic lights ahead.


  1.  $$$$$

You may not have noticed, but there is a secret city tax on everything. The closer you get to the city, the more you pay for some fuel, a pint, even the bread in your supermarket. Out in the ‘burbs you are able to get more bang for your buck. You go to your local and there is no door fee, you can get a decent feed for under $25, and you can have a few beers without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll be sure to be best mates with the regulars in no time at all! Additionally, the more obvious price divide on property value and rent is astronomical. Why not just have a bathroom that fits two people?


  1.  Peace and quiet!

Sick of sirens, car alarms, music at all hours and drunk morons? Welcome to the suburbs, the place where night time genuinely means sleep! A place where your neighbors will actually wind down their parties before the sun comes back out, and where you are more likely to be woken up by your alarm than someone’s personal emergency. Not only that, but the light pollution is reduced and when you walk down your street at 10pm, it will be so dark you might consider getting your phone out to light your way. You might even see the stars on a clear night!


  1.  Backyard? Pets?

No problem! Forget feeling guilty about leaving your pet locked in your tiny city abode, and free yourself from the worry of under exercising them. In your new suburban home, your pets will have a hallway and a decent sized yard to run around in. They will have more than one room to explore, and they will have access to some grass, be it in the yard, or just the handy dandy nature strip out front!


  1. A Growing Family

If you have decided to make the switch to a suburban way of life, you have realised that you probably aren’t going to live alone for ever. Whether than means fur babies or the human kind, suburban living will easily accommodate your choice to expand your family. Not to mention, the streets are safer and the schools are better because there is just a less dense population outside of the city. There are just less people, and therefore less that can go awry.

So enjoy your stars, your dog parks, and your drives with the confidence that wherever you decide to make your home, be it inner city or suburbia, you have made the right choice for you.

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