Limescale Removal and Prevention Tips

LIMESCALE REMOVAL AND PREVENTION TIPS – Isn’t cleaning the kitchen and bathroom hard enough without having to wrestle with the problem of limescale? Limescale is the result of calcium carbonate in the water supply and most of us have it whether we know it or not. Over time the mineral builds up, especially those who live in hard water areas of the UK. The limescale causes a hard crust to develop on piping and appliances that use water such as baths, toilets, taps, showers and washing machines. Limescale won’t hurt you, but it can really ruin your day and waste your precious time dealing with the problem.

Here we look at some useful hints and tips for removing and preventing limescale in the home for those that live in hard water areas but the first thing you’ll be asking is do I live in a hard water area and how do I test to see if I have hard water?


How to Test for Hard Water?

You can do a simple reliable ‘unscientific’ test to see if you have a problematic level of hard water in your home by doing the following test with liquid dish washing soap:

 Take a clean empty plastic bottle having a cap (such as a clean, clear pop bottle);

 Remove the cap;

 Open your tap water faucet and fill the bottle about halfway with water (8-10 ounces);

 Add 10 drops of dish washing liquid;

 Shake well;

 If the soapy solution foams up quickly you are okay and the water isn’t hard;

 If it does not foam up but instead creates a milk-curd-like or soapy film on the water surface then the water is likely hard.


Other methods to test for hard water

If you have hard water scale build-up on your shower door or around your bathtub then this is another indicator that your water is too hard.
Finally if you want a definitive answer then you can send a water sample out for testing to a certified water-testing laboratory.


Solutions for dealing with limescale

 Use some fizz

This might be the best use for a soft drink yet. Tidy up your toilet bowls with some fizzy pop! You will be amazed to see how well Coke or Pepsi Cola dissolves limescale. Simply pour the pop onto the limescale and leave the fizzy business to soak overnight. In the morning you can clean the limescale away with greater ease.

 Vinegar and elbow grease

Tiles should by shiny, not look like a pudding gone awry. Get rid of the calcium carbonate build-up with vinegar and elbow grease. Simply dampen a cloth with the vinegar and scrub the limescale away. If possible, let the rag sit on the tile for a few minutes to soften up the build-up and make the task a bit easier.

Clean the limescale out of your favourite kettle for the tastiest hot beverages. Fill your kettle about a quarter of the way up with vinegar or lemon juice. Let the acid sit for at least an hour to crack into the hardened limescale. Next, fill the kettle the rest of the way with water and boil away. Be sure to pour off the mixture before the kettle cools again. Rinse your kettle thoroughly before next use. Try this technique to descale coffee makers as well.

Taps are troublesome to keep looking lovely and new. Limescale is nearly impossible to prevent and remove from taps once it is there. The surface of your tap is irregular. Therefore, it is not easy to keep an acid like lemon juice in contact with the limescale long enough for it to soak away. This task may require a fair amount of scrubbing with lemon juice or vinegar. Be careful not to mar the tap’s finish during cleaning.

 Electronic water conditioner

In trying cases of limescale, it is truly best to root out the problem at the source. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Installing a quality electronic water descaler such as Scalewatcher electronic water conditioner protects your home from limescale completely.

Once installed, scalewatcher stops limescale building up on pipes and appliances. The economical and easy installation of this compact unit affords you the peace of mind that only a computerised, electronic water descaler can provide. Not to mention, your hair will look more glorious than ever since limescale can build up on you also! Scalewatcher even promise that if it doesn’t fix your hard water and limescale problems, you get your money back! Find out more about Scalewatcher and how it works see the video above.

We hope these tips will help you eradicate limescale from your home for good.