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Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas to Save You Time and Money

Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas to Save You Time and MoneyMowing the lawn, watering and other yard care projects can take a large chunk of time out of your weekend. Outdoor projects are costly, especially if you have to purchase the tools to get the job done. The following are low maintenance landscape ideas to help reduce your workload and keep your expenses to a minimum.


Devise a Plan

The first step in devising a plan for your yard is to take photos of your outdoor space. Working from the front curb, make your way throughout your entire property. This allows you the chance to identify issues with your yard and areas that may need more work and time. Mark the dimensions to get the most accurate readings. Blooming flower beds, waterfalls and ponds will beautify your yard. But you want to ensure that your plan doesn’t take up a lot of time for the general upkeep.


Save Money with Artificial Grass

Maintaining your lawn is an extensive project between watering, mowing, fertilizing and aerating. If you’re looking to cut back on the time you spend on your yard, artificial grass recycler offers carefree landscape for homeowners. Using synthetic grass, you’ll be able to enjoy a pristine lawn that will save you time and money. With little to no work, you can experience a green lawn year-long. Artificial grass is also a great solution for the environment because you won’t be adding pollutants in the air when you run your lawn mower.


Add Mulch

It can take a lot of time to maintain your flower beds. You can cut back on your outdoor chores by adding mulch around your home. The benefits of mulch are far reaching and include reducing weeds and improving the appearance of your landscape. You’ll also have to water your plants and flowers less because the mulch holds in moisture.


Explore Deck and Patio Options

Decks and brick patios may take a lot of work and time to construct at the beginning, but they’re going to become a maintenance-free option once complete. If you’re handy, your local hardware store will have ideas on the right plans and materials for your outdoor living space. Woods that don’t need future staining or maintenance may be more expensive, but you won’t have to maintain the planks yearly. Brick pavers are another low maintenance option for your yard. When installed correctly, all you’ll have to do is sweep or hose down the bricks or debris before and after you entertain.


Reduce Your Lawn Size

If you don’t want to waste time mowing your yard each week, you can downsize your lawn. Try replacing your grass with paving, decorative rocks or ground coverage. There are a number of plants that can provide your yard with a lush look that won’t need regular fertilizer or a lot of water.


Other Money and Time Saving Strategies

If you’re looking to expand your current stock of plants, you don’t need to spend more money. Hostas, bee balm, black eyed Susan’s, cone flowers and lilies are hardy options that are easy to divide and plant. You can also choose a section of your yard for a vegetable garden. Plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini are easy and tasty items to grow. If you’re in need of containers to plant seed packets, check your local yard or estate sales for some good bargains.

Having the yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood shouldn’t have to take up most of your weekend to maintain. With the right plan, artificial turf and native plants, you can have plenty of free time to sit back and enjoy your garden oasis.

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