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Luxury Home Interiors: Ditch the Style Rules and Be Inspired

When it comes to interior design in your home, you want to be a leader, not a follower. It is imperative that you seek luxury designs to ensure that your house doesn’t succumb to passing fads and trends. It is time to reclaim luxury interior design within your home.

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Your house should be beautiful. What is more, your home should be a reflection of your own unique style. When someone walks into your home, they should be wowed and amazed. Most importantly, above all else, you should love your home. Ignore the rules and ditch the trends and decorating advice that so many people like to give.

We are constantly told that you cannot decorate a small space with dark colours and that you cannot mix blues and greens. Why? It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Ignore the rules and set your own luxurious standards.

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Where to Begin

If you are in desperate need of interior design inspiration, as we all do on occasion, you may want to employ the services of a luxury interior design company, such as LUX Design. They are the master class in interior design and will give you the edge over your friends and family in terms of awesome home decor.

Luxury interior design is not a ‘nice to have’, it is an absolute must. Your home is your castle and should be treated as such.

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Ignoring Interior Design Rules: Mixing and Matching

The concepts of interior design rules are long gone. Mixing and matching furniture looks fabulous. Let’s take a look at this example: you are desperate to update your armchair but not your sofa. Keep your existing sofa and add a new armchair in a contrasting colour, fabric and pattern. Mixing and matching looks simply divine and adds a real pop of colour to your living quarters.

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Similarly, mixing two different types of coloured metal finishes has certain je na sais quois that cannot be unrivalled. Of course, you want the overall finish of your chosen room to look intentional, not accidental so you will need to put thought into what contrasting metal finishes you are using within your gorgeous living space.

For example, if you choose to mix silver with gold, ensure that the overall sheen of the metals is similar as this will mix easier and look elegant and luxurious. Use a mix of warm and cool tones for the ultimate luxurious contrast. Weathered gold and tarnished silver look simply stunning and add a real touch of class to your living space.

Remember: there are no hard and fast rules to decorating and interior design, simply guidelines. After all, rules are made for breaking.

Light Up Your Life

For a truly decadent feel, and let’s be honest – we want decadent; you are going to need to invest in some new light shades. Ditch the dreary laser cut light and fabric light shades and invest in good, quality lighting for your home.

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Investing in light will bathe your home in a gorgeous glow that will truly make your house feel like a home. Think chandeliers of ivory and gold. You could adorn the common light bulb with glass light shades with gorgeous twinkling droplets of coloured glass. You could go for timeless, vintage pieces that look quirky and unique. Opulence is the key to ensuring that your room looks fabulous.

Ignore the interior design guidelines and have a huge lighting feature in a small room. Make it the focal point of that particular space. You don’t have to have a bland feature wall; you can go wild with lighting and make that the centerpiece of your room. After all, lighting is important. You don’t want to come home to a dark house. Lighting is essential, so make sure that you are inspired.

Inspiration Nation

Being inspired by interior design is fantastic. Getting in the experts to ensure that you oversee your home decoration project is critical. But, the key thing to remember is that you must be happy with any project that you undertake in the home. Be inspired in your home. Your inspiration can come from anywhere. Nature. A trip to the beach with your family. A night out with the girls. Wherever your inspiration comes from, just ensure that you use it in your home and make sure that it is luxurious in its design.

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