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Maintaining Your Home Appliances for a Longer Service Life

Maintaining Your Home Appliances for a Longer Service LifeIt seems like no home appliance lasts more than a few years without breaking down or needing serious repairs. While appliances won’t last your whole lifetime, maintaining your home appliances for a longer service life is entirely possible if you follow these home tips.


Read the Instructions

Always read the instructions. The manufacturer’s instructions advise you on exactly how to maintain a long service life for the product. Reading the book and following the manufacturer’s recommendations can extend the life of your appliance and save you a lot of money.


Use Them Regularly

Just like how a printer’s ink will dry up if you don’t use it for a few months, neglecting to use your appliances can lead to problems. For example, parts could crack or dry out and stop working the next time you use the appliance. Use all your appliances at least once a week or once every two weeks.


Inspect Them Thoroughly

When you use your appliances, inspect them thoroughly. Try to use all the different parts regularly and see if there’s a problem anywhere. This could lead you to catch an issue early on when repairs are more manageable and affordable.


Have Them Professionally Inspected Regularly

You should also have professionals inspect your appliances regularly. As this is their career, they can identify issues you may not have found and save you from having to replace an appliance prematurely.


Clean Them Regularly

You would be surprised at how much a little dirt and dust can mess up a machine. Clean your appliances regularly to keep them from breaking down. Clean out the inside of your freezer and fridge. Remove food and ice buildup. Scrub down the inside of your microwave, deep clean your oven, and empty the crumbs out of your toaster. Even clean out your dishwasher. Empty the lint screen after every wash cycle. Where possible, clean the coils and cords. Refrigerators often need repairs due to dirty coils.


Don’t Abuse Them

Overloading the dishwasher or washing machine is a classic mistake that can lead to costly repairs. Don’t overload or abuse your machines; use them as recommended by the manufacturer.


Don’t Put Off Calling for Repairs

,Don’t put off calling until you’re in serious trouble. The second you notice a problem, call a professional for help. Even though a repair could be expensive today, postponing could lead to even costlier damages or having to replace your appliance altogether.

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