Make a Wooden Dowel Fruit Bowl

MAKE A WOODEN DOWEL FRUIT BOWL – Making a wooden dowel fruit bowl might sound like a bit of a wacky idea but not only is it very easy and great fun, it does produce something totally unique for your home.

This is one of those home improvement projects that you should get your kids involved in as this is a fairly safe project.  You will need to cut the dowels into lengths so make sure you give the kids a hand with this part, but apart from that this is a really fun project for your kids.  Here’s what you will need:

  • 1/4″ dowels
  • Mitre Box and Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue
  • Form – now as you will see from the video below you can use a waste paper basket as a form.  Don’t worry you won’t do any damage to the waste paper basket.

Step 1

Start by figuring out how tall you want your fruit bowl to be and then cut 4 pieces to that length.  These four pieces act as the corner posts for your fruit blow.  When you have cut your pieces sand down the ends so there are not rough or sharp edges.

Step 2

Take some masking tape and tape each of the dowel lengths to each of the corners of your waste paper basket, leaving about 1 inch protruding above the waste paper basket – these will act as the legs of your fruit bowl.  This will secure them in place temporarily allowing you to work on the remainder of the fruit bowl.

Step 3

Cut another 4 pieces of dowel, this time long enough for the base and leave an over-hang of about 1 inch.  You can attach these to the corner posts using a strong wood glue.

Step 4

Once your corners and base dowel strips are in place you now need to cut lengths of dowel that will fit across from post to post on the sides.  This will add strength to the form.  Once you have included your support struts leave the glue to dry.  Once the glue is dry you can remove the masking take and lift the skeleton structure from the waste paper basket.
Step 5

At this point you can get really creative.  You already have all the essential elements that make the fruit bowl strong – that is the posts, cross struts and base.  The remainder of the dowels that you place on the structure is entirely up to you and you can lay them in any pattern you like to create a truly unique fruit bowl.

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