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How to Make a Succulent Crown

This is a guest post written by Kylie from grohelps.

If you are wondering about how to make your very own succulent crown then the good news is that it is actually a lot easier to do than you would ever imagine. In actual fact, there are just a few simple steps for you to follow that will then allow you to make your own crown and even stand back and admire your work.

How to Make a Succulent Crown - 1

So, let’s get started with looking at what you need to do.


Step 1: What You Need.

If we can begin by looking at the things you are going to need in order to complete this job, but do note that this is not an extensive list by any means. Instead, you only need a few key things to get started and even then it is not going to take an eternity.

So, the things that you are going to need are as follows.

  • Some floral wire and it is best to be 22 gauge.
  • Some thinner floral wire at 26 gauge.
  • Some floral tape.
  • Some strong pliers.
  • Succulent cuttings.
  • Scissors.
  • Wire cutters would also be useful.


Step 2: How to Make it.

How to Make a Succulent Crown - 2

As long as you have the things listed above then you should be able to go ahead and make the crown and you do not require any previous experience in order to do this.

  • Make a circle.

The first thing is to get the thicker floral wire and start to make a circle with it. This is going to form the base of your crown which is why you need to use the thicker wire in order to give it more stability. Take the wire, wrap it around your head where the crown will sit and then close the ends together to form the circle.

  • Wrap the wreath with tape.

The next part is to take the floral tape and wrap it around the wire circle. This is obviously going to make it slightly more comfortable for you to wear so make sure that you do a good job of this part. If required, put the tape on thicker in order to give it a bit more padding or it could start to hurt after some time.

  • Creating the stems for the cuttings.

As you have now managed to make the circle you have to then think about the way in which you successfully attach the succulent cuttings. This is going to involve you using the smaller wire and you then need to cut off parts of it and insert one end into the root of the succulent. This will then give you something to attach the two together in order to form the crown.

  • Adding the plant to the crown.

Once you have inserted the thinner wire into the succulents it is then time to go ahead and start to add them to the main circle. You are able to do this by taking the other end of the thin wire and wrapping it around the circle in order to bind the two together. This is going to take some time for you to achieve the finished look although it does depend on how many cuttings you plan on adding so that it then looks rather full. Add them, then check how they are sitting to determine if it is a design that you are quite happy with.

  • Trimming the crown.

After you have finished adding the various cuttings, you then need to look at trimming the crown so that it all looks neater than before. If you do not do this, then it stands to reason that you are going to have various cuttings of different lengths sticking out and it will then look rather messy. Using scissors, trim them as required so that things just look better than before.

  • Consider adding other decorations.

Finally, there is also the option of adding extra decorations to your crown although this is just something that is entirely your decision. There are so many things that you can add and the only limitation is how you can add it to the crown although it does mainly involve you wrapping the wire around the item using pliers and then finding space on the initial circle.

How to Make a Succulent Crown - 3

As you can see, actually making the crown is very easy to do and the best part is that it really does not cost that much money as long as you have the succulents already. At the same time, there is a need for you to actually have next to no experience of doing anything like this ever before and that in itself is pretty good. There is no way that you can actually go wrong with this if you are just willing to take your time.


Step 3: What to do as it Wilts.

How to Make a Succulent Crown - 4

Finally, we should quickly discuss what you need to do when the crown is just getting to the point where it is no longer looking its best.

At this point, you can simply remove them from the crown and then plant them back into soil. This is going to surprise a lot of people, but each leaf of a succulent is actually far more resilient than people tend to give it credit for.

You can easily undo the cuttings and as long as you then use the correct soil the plants will grow and you will then be able to basically reuse them once again to make another crown at some point in the future.

So there we go, that is how you can make your very own succulent crown and as you can see there really is nothing too difficult about it. The only limitations will be in trying to work out which succulents you are going to use and with so many options, it is easy to see how you could sit and think about that for what may end up feeling like an eternity.

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