Making Pinstripe Cushion Covers

If your existing cushion covers are looking a little worn or outdated why not buy some nice new fabric and then decorate them with some pinstripes so that you have cushions that are unique to your home?

Now you might be thinking that this is a bit of a fussy job and maybe it would be easier just to buy some new cushion covers, but trust me here, this is such an easy job, it’s such good fun and you will end up with some stunning looking cushion covers that nobody else in the world has.

Step 1

Buy some nice neutral fabric for your cushions.  You really don’t need to spend a fortune here and you will find that by making your own it’s a lot cheaper than buying new cushions.

Step 2

Fold the cloth as if you were making a fan.  Once you reach the top secure the fan shape together with some clothes pegs – one in the middle and one at each end.

Step 3

Take some fabric paint, a mini paint roller and then simply run the paint along the top of the pleats.  As you work along the fan remove the clothes pegs as you go until you complete the paint application.

Step 4

You can now unfold the fan shape and you will have some very unique and attractive pinstripes on your fabric.  All you need to do now is let the paint dry fully and then cover your cushions.  Take a look at the video below… You’ll see just how your cushions can look.

Once you’ve watched the video I would suggest you have a look at – How to Paint Barcode Stripes – this will give you some great ideas for another design of stripes for your cushions and if you are into the Black and White interior design theme then this will really excite you.

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