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Guest Posts – Non-Commercial

Anyone may submit a blog post on any subject providing it pertains to the home or garden. Non-commercial blog posts are not permitted to have external links to other websites for advertisement purposes.

We do however allow ‘authority’ links, such as linking to information that enhances the information you are providing; for instance linking to Wikipedia. Please note that to ensure our continued compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines all external links are tagged with the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

The inclusion or exclusion of external links is at the sole desecration of the editor who reserves the right to remove any or all external links within the article submitted.  External links are generated for the sole purpose of driving traffic to the target website (advertising); they are not provided in order to boost an individuals website ranking within Google Search.

To submit an article please email us with your article in a Word.doc and attach any relevant images you may wish to include. Email:


Guest Posts – Commercial

We understand that many people create interesting content in order to drive traffic to their or their clients website.  However, it is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to create such links with the sole purpose of boosting an individuals website in Google’s rankings.  Therefore all external links are tagged with the rel=”nofollow” attribute; the link we provide is simply an ‘advertisement’ and is designed solely to drive traffic to the target website.

Commercial blog posts are permitted to include one external link which is formatted at the end of the article in the form of an advertisement, for example:

Post Sponsored by: – Get all the home and garden tips, tricks and advise you need today. Visit

The blog post must be 400 words or more and ultimately provide value to our readers.

We charge a standard fee for publishing commercial blog posts at £50.00 per post. The fee is only payable once the editor agrees to publish the post.

Failure to provide payment of our publishing fee may result in the post being published but all external links will be removed.  Once you submit a commercial blog post and on the editor agreeing to publish retains full copyright over the content.  For more information see our Terms & Conditions below.

To submit an article please email us with your article in a Word.doc and attach any relevant images you may wish to include. Email:


Publishing Rules

Please read our publishing rules carefully…


Rule No.1 Relevancy

Your group or blog post must be relevant to the Home and Garden. We DO NOT accept articles / content regarding commercial premises or anything that is not relevant to the Home and Garden.


Rule No.2 Word Count & Web Links

A guest post may consist of text, video, images or a link.  Blog posts MUST contain a minimum of 400 words to be considered for publication.  Any blog post submitted below 400 words will be discarded.

You may include ONE external link within your blog post on the provision you accept that this will be considered ‘commercial’ and therefore you are willing to pay our publishing fee if the blog post meets our editorial guidelines and we agree to publish it.


Rule No.3 Readability

Your blog posts must be written with the correct use of English Grammar.  Any guest posts submitted with poor levels of English Grammar and Spelling will NOT be published.


Rule No.4 Blog Post Content and Links

Please include images in your guest post that are appropriate to the content. You must have either copyright over any images you use or have permission to use them.

Our reader’s like to see visual representations of what the blog post is about.  Therefore the use of images, video and infographics is essential to making up an outstanding blog posts.


Important Points:

1.  Your guest posts must be unique. We check for duplication on the web and any such breach of this rule will result in your guest post being discarded.

2.  You may produce a guest posts that promotes a particular product or service but please make the content useful.

We understand that you want to gain traffic from your efforts and therefore we provide you with the ability create a single link to your website or blog for advertising purpose.  This is a great way to drive more traffic to your website or the website of your clients.


3. Account & Database Maintenance

Nobody likes a website with out-of-date with irrelevant information and therefore every 12 months we assess each article in order to determine its relevancy and usefulness.  Any articles that are considered by the editor to be out-of-date or irrelevant will be deleted after a minimum duration of 12 months.


4. Blog Post Inclusion in Our Monthly Newsletter

All blog posts are considered for inclusion in our monthly newsletter. However, we cannot guarantee inclusion; the decision remains with the editor as to what blog posts are included.


Terms & Conditions

1. Publishing Fee

On completion of your guest posts editorial review and providing we agree to publish it you will receive a PayPal invoice for the sum of £50.00 which must be paid within 24 hours.

Failure to pay for publication – please be aware that once we approve publication we retain copyright over the content, including all text, image, graphics and video. In the event of non-payment we may decide to publish your guest posts however all external links will be removed.


2. Unique Content

DO NOT submit content that has been farmed, scraped or copied from other web sites. We undertake a number of checks to ensure each submission is unique and where its cannot be found on any other website or blog. If we detect any form of plagiarism your blog posts will be rejected.


IMPORTANT – Please ensure that any images or video that you upload is either owned by yourself or you have express written permission, by the copyright owners, to use such content.


3. Duplicating Guides

DO NOT post your guest posts on other websites or blogs after we have published your content. We check for duplicate content on a regular basis. If we find your blog posts to be in violation we will remove all the guest posts that you have submitted and log a DMCA notice against the offending website with Google.


4. Relevant Content

Your guest posts must be Home and Garden related. We do NOT accept content outside these areas. Please note that the scope of our categories is wide and varied, for instance we publish blog posts on all forms of architecture, interior design, exterior design, art, landscaping, crafts & hobbies, health & beauty and much more.

Please note that your blog posts must a minimum of 400 words.


5. Useful Content

If you are submitting a ‘Project Guide, for example ‘How to Mend a Broken Fence’ it must be in the form of ‘Step-by-Step’ instructions that clearly shows readers how to achieve a particular project or task.

Submitting guest posts can take any form but we do not allow guest posts that are designed solely to promote a product or service (a sales pitch). You must provide content that is useful to the reader. The key to getting your content published is to provide something that is useful and or informative to our readers.


6. Copyright

You agree to grant copyright of any guest posts and their content submitted that we agree to publish. We may, at our discretion, modify or remove any or all guest posts as we see fit.

IMPORTANT – Please ensure that any images or video that you upload is either owned by yourself or you have express written permission, by the copyright owners, to use such content.


7. URL & Links

You may include ONE Text Link to a website or blog within the rules above.


8. Publishing Your Guest Post

You may submit as many guest posts as you like, however, we cannot, and do not, guarantee that any of your guest posts will be published. Publishing guest posts is at the sole discretion of the Editor. Due to the volume of submissions publishing can take several weeks. We will let you know:

A) If your guest posts has been accepted and;

B) When it is published on our pages. Please be patient.


9. Removal of Guest Posts

We reserve the right to modify or remove guest posts that become obsolete or outdated in terms of its usefulness as content. We review each guest post once every 12 months in order to keep the information up-to-date and relevant.

In most cases the content is modified in order to keep it relevant and live, however we do reserve the right to remove content or any external (commercial) links after a period of 12 months.

We DO guarantee that the content you submit, providing it is approved by our editors, will remain live for a minimum period of 12 months.


10. SPAM Content

No content is published on our website until it has undergone editorial review.  Any person(s) submitting SPAM content will result in the guest post being discarded.

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