Mosaic Tiles vs Ceramic Wall Tiles – What to Choose

MOSAIC TILES Vs CERAMIC WALL TILES – WHAT TO CHOOSE – When it comes to redecorating a bathroom or kitchen wall, there is certainly a great deal of choice. Choice not only in relation to colour, size or pattern, but over the specific material used to make the tile.

From the stone, glass and marble of mosaic tiles to the classic ceramic tile, there are literally millions of designs and styles to choose from and no end of possibilities for the keen, creative interior decorator.

Of course, when it comes to choosing what suits your room best a whole host of questions are likely to arise. You should make an attempt to identify the reasons for choosing a particular type of tile material. For those keen to find out more, here’s a little information on two popular types of tile.

The Ceramic Tile

The Ceramic Tile

This popular tile is the preferred choice of many private homeowners and businesses, offering both practicality and style. From the office space and educational institution to homes and hospitals, the ceramic tile can be spotted pretty much everywhere.

Ceramic tiles are moisture-resistant, meaning that they won’t dull, swell or change shape when wet. Nor will they stain or fade easily, which means accidental splashes and grease can be quickly wiped away, whilst sunlit areas won’t lose colour.

Perfect for kitchen and bathroom environments, ceramic tiles are available in plenty of patterns and colours. Rather than keep to the neutral colours favoured by most businesses, homeowners can choose from bright bold tiles in a range of tones to intricate patterns and motifs that reflect individual personality and preference.

Last but by no means least, the ceramic tile can help you save money. A cost-effective solution to the problem of having to replace faded or cracked tiles, this option will last for many years and will save both time and money.

The Mosaic Tile

The Mosaic Tile

Many people are attracted to mosaic tiles due to their intense colour and vibrancy and their elegant appearance. With many options to customise this type of tile they can even be matched by colour to fit in with existing themes and colour schemes.

However, their core materials are what makes them stand out as a choice for transforming both indoor and outdoor environments. Made of stone, marble and glass, this type of tile perfectly combines strength with core aesthetic value.

The durable and water-resistant properties of the mosaic tile make it perfect for kitchen, bathroom and living room spaces, with many people choosing to cover the floor as well as the wall. This option is great for creating an eye-catching design, whilst also ensuring you won’t have to decorate again any time soon.

Whether you choose mosaic bathroom tiles or ceramic tiles, there’s an option to suit almost every type, style, shape and size of room. Simply take a look online and see for yourself.


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