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Do You Need a Smart Lock

Is a smart lock on your list of home upgrades? This relatively inexpensive upgrade turns your regular deadbolt into a Wi-Fi–connected “smart” home technology. Smart locks make sense for certain lifestyles and types of homeowners. Do you think you can benefit from this technology?


You Leave Town Often

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When you travel often, you want someone to check on your house and your pets while you’re gone. Instead of making duplicate keys and tracking them down, try a smart lock. The right model lets you create temporary virtual keys for any neighbor, friend, or family member watching your house. You can set the key to expire when your trip is over, or you can go into the app and delete the key.


You Want a Connected Home

Many homeowners love the idea of a “smart house” with as many appliances connected through apps and Wi-Fi networks as possible. Many new homes in places such as Chicago have smart-home capabilities.

Are you addicted to monitoring your thermostat or refrigerator from your phone? A smart lock is another way to connect your home to your smartphone. Unlock the door for unexpected guests and let your kids in when they forget their keys. You can let someone in when you’re grilling on the deck and they arrive at the front door.


You Always Forget Your Keys

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Image via Flickr by hnnbz

Have you had to break into your own house before or search for the key you hid outside your house? Many smart lock brands turn your smartphone into a key for your house. Some also come with keypads for you to input a security code.

If your phone has batteries, you have one less item to worry about when you leave the house. Make sure, however, that you have a backup key somewhere in case your phone dies while you’re out.


You Seek Convenience

In most cases, a smart lock isn’t more secure than a traditional lock. With some models, you don’t have a key to lose, and some models add a small measure of security with an app that lets you know when someone has unlocked the door. However, the infrastructure of the door and the deadbolt remains the same.

Smart locks don’t protect the rest of your home from invaders the way a home security system does. Get a smart lock because you want the convenience, not the security.


Your Deadbolt Works Easily

Before you buy a smart lock, try your deadbolt. If you must pull or push your door to get the deadbolt to slide, a smart lock won’t work. Your deadbolt must turn easily because the smart lock will be doing that job on its own.

Most smart locks are affordable, and you can order them online or pick them up at your local hardware store. A smart lock’s convenience is well worth an afternoon of DIY installation for most homeowners. When you like having a connected home and controlling everything from a few apps, a smart lock is the next purchase you should make.

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