Using Pebbles for Interior and Exterior Design

USING PEBBLES FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR DESIGN – Next time you are out and about in the garden turning over the soil and doing a bit of weeding, spare a thought for the humble and unassuming pebble.  It’s a fact that most of us discard pebbles when doing the gardening. We simply toss them aside without a thought or second glance.

The next time you see a pebble do not simply toss it away.  In fact why don’t you go out into your garden right now and find yourself a pebble and then bring it back into the house and give it a really good scrubbing to clean it up.  Once it’s nice and clean give it a good drying and then sit with it quietly and take a long hard look at what you have.

The first thing you should notice is the pebble is not just gray as most people initially view them.  In fact look closely enough and you’ll see that your pebble is made up of many colors.  Now consider that it has taken mother nature thousands of years to shape that pebble and make it the beautiful thing it is – in all honesty mother nature hasn’t yet finished with it as she will continue to work on it until it is nothing but dust.

The pebble, you see, is quite a remarkable thing and you will never find two alike.  Before we move on, I would like you to do something for me.  I would like you to get hold of some clear nail varnish and then give your little pebble a good coating.  Remember, this is your little pebble and you are holding in your hands a true wonder of nature and it’s the only one of its kind.  Once you have applied the varnish and it is dry, place it near some soft lighting and then see what happens.  Your little, totally unique, pebble is going to come to life and display many of its glorious colors and look just stunning.

If you have taken the steps above then right now you are going to be pretty pleased with yourself because let’s face it – only you have this pebble, it’s unique and one of a kind and it’s yours and it’s beautiful.

Some of you may think I am just a little bit warped or that I have not been taking my medication of late, but for those of you who have tried the above will now appreciate just how wonderful a pebble can be.  Now take this thing of beauty a lot further and you can create the most amazing interior designs and exterior designs for your home and garden – and we are not just talking about a single pebble, but using lots of them.  Just take a look at the pictures below, but be aware this is only just scratching the surface of what is possible with a pebble – that’s Pebble Power to those of us in the know.

Designers create a space where pebbles lift the stone walk ways and walls and add a real touch of class to the overall design.

Pebbles complement the natural materials used in this interior design


From the photograph above you can clearly see how pebbles can add to the fluidity of an interior design.  Here the designer creates a minimal look with light sandstone slabs for the walk ways while sandstone bricks are used to continue the theme.  Both these elements are broken up with the use of timber and the wonderful pebbles that provide natural colors to the overall design.  Can anyone honestly tell me I’ve lost the plot concerning my love for the pebble or can you now begin to understand just how important pebbles can be when it comes to interior or exterior design?  I guess for many my case is well and truly concluded but let’s not stop there as the pebble has a lot more to offer.


Cushions made to look like pebbles adds a significant element of fun to a room.

Cushions made to look like pebbles adds a significant element of fun to a room.


You might think the children in the photograph above are as crazy as I am, but wait!  As you can see from the photograph description these are in fact cushions.  Who said pebbles are boring and insignificant?  Look around many interior design shops and the chances are you will see many items that either directly or indirectly use pebbles.  I think the photograph above is just fab and I certainly would have these pebble cushions as a feature in my home.  So do you still think I’ve lost the plot or do you now see the pebble in a different light?  Let’s continue…



Pebbles laid out and lite for an extraordinary display of color and light.

Pebbles laid out and lite for an extraordinary display of color and light.


I chose the photograph above for a number of reasons.  Firstly, their sheer beauty in coloration. Secondly for their arrangement and thirdly because of the way the photographer brilliantly displays them in light.

I am assuming that these pebbles are simply laid out, but what if you were to take this design and embed them in a wall?  Just imagine how stunning they would look, you could even have them polished first and then embedded.  Let’s think a step further – does it have to be just a wall?  What about your floors?  You could create a magnificent mosaic design on the floor and sink the pebbles low enough so that nobody trips over them.  It doesn’t have to be the pattern you see above, but any pattern you like.  I have seen a number of walls and floors that have incorporated a pebble design and they are breathtaking to look at and so unique.



Kitchen incorporating pebbles in to the ceramic wall tiling.

Kitchen incorporating pebbles in to the ceramic wall tiling.


How beautiful does the kitchen tiling above look with pebbles incorporated into the design?  Can anyone say they do not find this appealing?  The soft honey tones of the tiles are beautifully enhanced by the use of a central border of light lime stone pebbles.  So natural is this look you could place it in any type of kitchen, from a country style kitchen to a modern contemporary kitchen and it would still look sublime.



Two tone pebble backing for a garden seat.

Two tone pebble backing for a garden seat.


I really like the way in which the back wall is constructed of a two-tone pebble design.  It must of taken a great deal of time and effort to pull this off and it provides a wonderfully rich and comforting feel.

When you look at the garden bench above and you begin to let your mind wonder you will soon  realize that the possibilities of using pebbles in the garden for design purposes are endless.  Just think, there are all the paths, maybe around your fish pond or stream.  When it comes to using pebbles you are only limited by your imagination.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I close my case for the humble, unassuming and most often overlooked pebble.  I can honestly say it’s an innocent thing with great potential and I would ask the jury therefore to set it free upon the world and let design take on a whole new meaning.

I really hope you have enjoyed my article and while I might appear a little unusual I am merely trying to state the case for the pebble that I love so much and that in my endeavors you will take the pebble closer to your heart and consider it next time you’re doing a spot of interior or exterior designing.

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  • Cathy Newman

    Natural pebbles are one of
    the most gorgeous natural decorations, whether inside or outside the house.
    They are used to fill up empty spaces in a garden, create a decorative border
    or a landscaped path, and create an exceptionally decorative and appealing
    appearance. If you want to mimic a nature-inspired environment, incorporating
    natural pebbles into your home is certainly a wise option.