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Save Money and Space and Furnish Smart

SAVE MONEY AND SPACE AND FURNISH SMART – Being faced with the challenge of filling an empty space or replacing old furniture can be daunting, especially if you have expensive tastes. If you have a new home to fill or if you’re updating a current one there are many ways you can adorn your place with quality furniture, art and lighting while staying within your budget.

Revamp old furniture

Before you go out to find something new take a look at what you already have. You can even ask friends or family if you can see what unwanted furniture they have in storage. The perfect thing may already be collecting dust in someone’s garage Look closely, it might not be perfect at first glance, but it might be after a little TLC. Strip it, paint it, or refinish it, you can even put accessories around it to make it like new. As an example, an old kitchen table becomes a brand new coffee table if you strip it, finish it and cut a few inches off the legs.


Image courtesy Leslie Hart-Davidson via Flickr

Go straight to the maker

One way to satisfy a refined taste and avoid paying high end designer prices is to go directly to the makers for their products. For the most part, when you purchase an expensive piece of furniture you are paying an inflated price. You aren’t just paying the maker; you are paying the store you got it from, the distributor that they got it from and anyone in between.

Instead you can use a site that ships from the manufacturer—like They offer a decent collection of chairs in addition to other designer home furniture. The advantage of this and similar sites is that they ship directly to customers, avoiding many retail and overhead costs.


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Think multi-purpose

Multi-purpose furniture not only saves you money but it can also save you space. Furniture that can be used for multiple functions is popular in small guest rooms and in kids’ rooms. The most common multi-purpose item is a sofa bed or a futon but there are many different kinds. Beds that turn into desks, couches that turn into bunk beds – the sky is the limit! There is even something called modular furniture design in which several different segments can come together and can be configured to accommodate many functions. Pieces like this can give a small room a lot more space and allow you to purchase one item instead of two or three.

Consider long term expense

When buying any furniture, make sure you are not sacrificing durability for a good price. Ask yourself if whatever you are buying will stand the test of time. A great deal is the balance between quality and price, so if you find something cheap but it is cheaply made then you’re not getting a good value. There are plenty of ways to check the quality of a piece of furniture. If it is wooden, make sure it is a quality hardwood like oak, maple, or mahogany. Softwood like pine can be valuable too, as long it has a sturdy design.

By using some smart tactics and exploring all your options you can fill your home with quality goods without breaking your budget.

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