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Singapore Botanical Gardens

SINGAPORE BOTANICAL GARDENS – Have you ever been to Singapore?  I am fortunate enough where I live close enough that it’s simply a matter of hopping on a plane for the short 1hr 30 min flight.

Singapore is just an incredible place.  It’s hugely diverse culture and its citizens are highly educated and forward-thinking people.  It’s one of the very few countries where the rule of law is enforced vigorously for the well-being of the people and the country.

One thing Singapore is noted for is its ability, unlike any other South East Asian country, to develop, but in such a way where the environment is placed highly on the priorities of the government and people.  This makes Singapore one of the greenest and cleanest countries I have ever had the privilege to visit – and visiting Singapore is not only a privilege but a complete joy.

No matter where you go in Singapore it’s green – with trees, flowers, shrubs and other wonderful plants in abundance and now Singapore has another green feather in its cap… the new Singapore Botanical Gardens.


Singapore Botanical Gardens - Towering structures lighting up the sky.


These 50 meter tall structures, made from concrete and steel and costing a whopping £350million, the development of the gardens is situated in the Marina Bay area.  These structures are design to be planted with a variety of plants from around the world, making what Singapore hopes to be the ‘Botanical Capital of the World’ and when complete its most likely to be the case.

Singapore’s Botanical wonder doesn’t just stop with creating few towers to house plants from all over the world, when the entire park is completed it will consist of numerous houses (huge conservatories) that will make up the entire Singapore Garden Festival.


Singapore's new Botanical Garden Festival. Designed to hold plants from around the world.


As we almost everything in Singapore the Botanical Park designed and built with careful precision.  There is something about the people of Singapore’s refusal to do anything by half measure, which is a testiment to their vision of creating a truly unique place for residents and visitors alike.

Part of the spectacular design is an ‘Aerial Walkway’ where visitors will be able to take in the delights with a panoramic view of the gardens.  The OCBC Skyway, it’s official name, will link areas and it to be suspended 22 meters above the ground, providing breathtaking views, providing you’re not scared of heights.


Singapore Botanical Garden - The OCBC Skyway.


Singapore’s authorities are well known for their ‘Green’ approach to city life, in fact the whole of Singapore is covered in beautiful plants which almost mask the fact that you are standing in a city. In all my travels I can honestly say that I have never seen a city as green as Singapore – it is a truly remarkable country.

Not satisfied with creating something of the norm, Singapore’s authorities are planning a ‘Light and Sound’ show which is planned to go live from the 2nd July 2012 with the show featuring every night to delight it’s residents and overseas visitors.


Singapore Botanical Gardens Light Show featuring every night to delight its visitors.


The Botanical Gardens, like anything else that Singapore develops, will certainly be a delightful experience, and not just for those of us who love our plants.  However, the gardens are designed to educate people and do so in a highly entertaining way.


Singapore Botanical Gardens - Walkways around the Garden Festival Park.


It’s now open to the public and if you have never been to Singapore then all I can say is that you are missing out on one of the true wonders of the world and if you are really into gardening then a trip to Singapore’s Botanical Gardens could give you enough inspiration and ideas for your own garden to last you a life time.


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