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Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cool While Saving Money

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortably warm in the summer. It’s hard to sleep, everything feels sticky, and you risk losing motivation to get things done.

If you’re like most homeowners, your energy bills skyrocket as you try to beat the heat indoors. With a little creative planning, it’s possible to beat the heat without paying the ridiculously high bills.

Follow these four tips for enjoying a cooler summer.


Invest in Heavy Curtains and Blinds

Decreasing sun exposure is one of the easiest ways to cool down a home. That’s why many buildings in the southern United States have smaller windows with thick blinds.

Without them, the sun can shine through and quickly heat up any room. If you want to brighten your home, look for windows that face north or east, and cover them with lighter curtains or blinds.

If your home has windows that face south or west, cover them with heavier blinds or curtains to keep excess sun out and maintain a cool indoor temperature.


Check Insulation Around Your Windows and Doors

The last thing you want is to waste energy cooling your home and then let the conditioned air flow right outside through a crack in the door.

Run your hand across all of your window and door frames, and feel for any drafts or hotspots. Warmth is a sign that the outside is getting in and your air conditioning is getting out.

You may want to caulk these cracks or add insulation to stop the cool air from escaping.


Keep Your HVAC System Maintained

Just like going to the dentist and getting regular cleanings to prevent cavities and expensive fillings, regular maintenance prevents common HVAC problems and damage to your system that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

When you schedule maintenance, the HVAC technician will clean the system and replace damaged parts so the system doesn’t break down during peak season.

Many HVAC companies charge extra for fixing a unit at night or on the weekends, so basic preventive maintenance can save you a lot.


Cool Only Where Necessary

If you have a larger home or a two-level house, you may have invested in a zoning system or multiple ductless air conditioning units.

Make the most of these energy-efficient systems by programming them to cool only where necessary. If you contain daytime activities to one level or a well-defined area of your home, you can focus your HVAC system’s cooling power where you need it most.

Dial back the temperature settings in other areas of your home to save energy throughout the day. Remember to return the air conditioner to normal in the evening to keep your family cool and comfortable.

Air conditioning needs vary widely by house and family, so adjust your settings as necessary. If just one family member needs cooler temperature settings, wearing lighter clothes and staying as hydrated as possible can help.

To keep your whole home cool and beat the heat until fall, follow these four tips.

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