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Spring DIY For Around The Home

Spring DIY For Around The HomeWith winter long behind us now and the spring clean (theoretically) out of the way, you may be looking towards what other odd-jobs that need doing around the home. If you’ve got a list of DIY activities niggling away at you, the team at Bearing Boys have pooled their knowledge to produce this article looking at some quick and simple DIY you can do around the home.

Clear Your Blocked Drains

As spring has sprung, you’ll want to check your drains to see whether the foliage and other blockages from winter need clearing. If you avoid checking your drains it could result in your home suffering from water damage from overflowing drains and that means hiring a costly plumber to sort it all out. To clear your drains, all you need to do is purchase a plunger rod, lift the covers and use the rod to clear the blockage. Once this is cleared, use a hosepipe to flush out the drain to ensure everything is flowing.

Secure Your Home

Fitting extra security measures to your home provides peace of mind and what’s more things like hinge bolts are really easy to install. First things first you need to make sure your door frame is in good condition and sturdy as, with a hinge bolt for example, it goes on the same side of the door as the hinge for maximum protection. With a bit of drilling, screwing and bolting, your home will be more secure within ten minutes.

Clean Up Your Patio

Autumn and winter can do a lot of damage to your patio and when the slabs become loose, weeds can sprout up fast when spring and summer hits. To give your patio a thorough clean you need to rake out any weeds and other debris from the old joints before mixing some sand and cement. This should then be sweeped into the cleaned joints with a soft brush and your hands before using a hose on each joint for a professional finish at a fraction of the cost.

Fix A Leaky Tap

If there’s a dripping tap that’s been keeping you up at night or a leaky sink that’s disrupting your favourite TV show then it’s time to fix it. First things first, turn off the water for the house as the last thing you want is to flood the place – this can be found either under the kitchen sink or via the stopcock outside near the mains. From here, unscrew the screw between the handle and the tap to pull the handle off. With this stripped, you should see a nut holding the tap headgear in place – this is the next thing to remove. Chances are you’ll find that the washer at the bottom of the headgear has sustained some damage, so this will need replacing and will probably fix the issue. Once done, put the tap back together, turn the water back on and voila, your home should be drip free.

Replace A Light Switch

You may be a bit apprehensive about messing with anything involving electrics, but replacing a light switch is one of the easiest jobs you can do. Whether you’re fixing a broken switch or want to install a more economical dimmer or smart switch, it’s a simple job. Turn off the circuit breaker in the house so there’s no electricity and then you can remove the faceplate on the light switch and then the switch from the wall. With the wiring pulled out, you’ll see two wires are connected to the switch which need to be disconnected. Do that then reattach them to your new light switch and reverse this process. Switch the circuit breaker back on and test the lighting.   These are just a few of the seemingly complicated DIY jobs around the home that are quite easy to fix once you know how. Not only do you save some money but we guarantee there’ll be a sense of accomplishment and well deserved beer at the end of the day too.

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