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Stunning Bronze Art by David Goode

Many, many years ago – I think it’s close to 25 years – I had the great fortune of coming across a rather unique man.  His name is David Goode and he specializes, mostly, in unusual Bronze Sculptures.  David, as I found out, has a passion for Goblins and other mythical garden creatures.  While most of his work centres around this theme David is also a highly accomplished traditional artist who has, over the years, produced some of the most stunning figurines I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on.

David’s trademark, apart from creating the unusual, is his attention to detail. The piece below ‘Garden Gnome Hunter’ really does display David’s ability to get even the smallest details sculptured to perfection.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky people who has met David and seen his bronze sculptures up close and personal. I can tell you this, of the 8 pieces I viewed that day, not one was lacking any type of detail. Each piece was so beautifully sculptured that only two things could produce such brilliance – incredible talent and the love of what you do.

Below I have featured a number of David’s works.  I have provided details as to sizes and prices in order to give you as much information as possible – I am in no way affiliated with David Goode, nor do I take a commission.  I write about what interests me and I acquire no financial gain from this article.

The first piece we’ll look at is David’s Garden Gnome Hunter. Look very carefully at the picture, notice the fine detail to the muscles, his jacket, boots, belt and the unfortunate Garden Gnome victims hanging from his belt.  This piece is a feast of detail and simply nothing is left  out.  You could quite literally spend hours looking at the Garden Gnome Hunter and still find, that each time you look at it, you spot something completely new, such is the fine detail to David’s work.

David Goode's Gnome Hunter

David Goode’s Garden Gnome Hunter


Garden Gnome Hunter
45″ (114cm) Bronze
Edition of 175

If you are anything like me, then you’ll have a curiosity as to the process of creating such a masterful sculpture. With the Garden Gnome Hunter you’re in luck, because on David’s website this piece is featured in a step-by-step process.  Once you view the process you will have understanding as to the amount of work, time and dedication that is involved in creating bronze artworks that are truly unique in every way.  Making the Garden Gnome Hunter.


This next piece has to be one of my all time favorites; ‘Caught Out’. Just look at the expression on his little face, it’s just perfect as he is caught in the act of stealing fish from the garden pond.

David Goode - Bronze Sculpture - Caught Out

David Goode’s Caught Out

Caught Out
23″ (58cm) Bronze
Edition of 175

I really love the expression on this Goblin’s face. The title of the piece ‘Caught Out’ is simply perfect and in it’s setting is truly wonderful.


David Goode - Bronze Sculpture - Jackpot!

David Goode – Bronze Sculpture – Jackpot!

Sticking with the garden pond theme, our next treat is a piece aptly titled, ‘Jackpot!’  Here this little gnome is looking for water and bingo he gets it. Again the attention to even the smallest detail is incredible – just look at that face, it exudes pure delight and joy and you can clearly see that David must of been having such a good time while crafting this piece.


18″ (45cm) Bronze
Edition of 90


David Goode - Bronze Sculpture - Comfort Food

David Goode – Bronze Sculpture – Comfort Food

Do you like your Comfort Food?  Well here’s one little fellow who is certainly content.  The look on this chap’s face is just adorable and I defy anyone not to fall instantly in love with the piece. If ever there was a face of pure contentment then David certainly captured it all in this wonderful bronze.

Comfort Food
12″ (30cm) Bronze
Edition of 175


Bronze, for me, is such a wonderful material and allows the artist to create something that will last forever and is truly a tactile artwork.  While most people perceive bronze to be just brown or a shiny version of brown you can add coloration to a bronze piece and the ‘Game of Chess’ is a stunning example of how good bronze looks with color.

This is another piece that I truly love.  The expression on the King’s face is simply wonderful as he ponders how on earth the Court Jester is beating him at the Kings Game.

Game of Chess
39″ (98cm) Bronze
Edition of 175

David Good - Bronze Sculpture - Game of Chess

David Good – Bronze Sculpture – Game of Chess


This is one of those pieces of art that I would love to own and I’m sure it would fit into anyone’s decor.  Note carefully the size of the ‘Game of Chess’ at just over 3 feet tall it certainly is imposing and unlikely to be missed by any house guests you may have. This would probably end up as the entire conversation piece for all your visitors.


David Goode - Bronze Sculpture - Fabiola a full size bronze nude.

David Goode – Bronze Sculpture – Fabiola a full size bronze nude.

In my, very humble, opinion the mark of a truly great artist lies within his or her ability to be diverse in the artwork they produce. David is a master when it comes to turning his abilities to real-life subjects such as ‘Fabiola’.  This stunning bronze nude captures the true beauty of the female form and as with his usual trademark this piece certainly has nothing missing in terms of detail and sheer beauty.


5′ 4″ (163cm) Bronze
Edition of 12

Fabiola, as you can see from the information above is a full life-sized work of art that simply exudes grace and beauty and re-enforces the fact that David’s ability to sculpture magnificent bronze works of art is nothing less than sheer brilliance and clearly depicts an abundance of love for what he does.


David Goode - Bronze Sculpture Artist

David Goode – Bronze Sculpture Artist

Born in Oxford in 1966, David Goode grew up in the small Midlands town of Leek, Staffordshire, just north of Stoke on Trent. Stoke on Trent, also known as The Potteries, was the heartland of the Victorian pottery industry, and to this day is still home to many world-famous pottery houses such as Royal Doulton and Wedgwood.

You can visit David’s Gallery:

400 Meadow Lane,

Or visit David’s website:


I really hoped you enjoyed this short trip through some of David’s work.  While the pictures here are great I can honestly tell you that seeing David’s work up close and personal is a real treat and one that, once you experience, you will never forget.

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