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Stunning Swimming Pool Ideas

STUNNING SWIMMING POOL IDEAS – Have you ever wanted your own swimming pool?  Ask most people about creating the ultimate luxury home and it’s almost certain that a swimming pool will figure into the equation of a luxurious home.

Swimming pools are not exactly a cheap accessory to the home. Depending on your requirements, regarding the size, shape and construction methods, a swimming pool can require some serious financing or make a huge dent in the savings account.

Of course once you have your swimming pool there is the on-going pool maintenance and this alone could run into several thousands of dollars – depending of course on the size of the pool.  Finally, regarding costs,  will be heating the swimming pool, which will be essentials for outdoor pools that are not in a warm climate – take a look below and you will see that even in Iceland it is possible to have an outdoor pool.

Do note that swimming pools require a lot of water and therefore you will also have to monitor the water levels.  You will experience some loss, especially in warm and hot climates, due to natural evaporation, however you will need to keep an eye on the water levels to ensure your swimming pool has not sprung a leak.  A leaking swimming pool will end up costing you a lot of money, not just in the water bills but to the damage it can do, so ensure your pool is properly maintained.


Stunning indoor pool built in the cellar.

Hotel Brufani Palace -Piazza Italia


Regardless to the cost of installation or that of maintenance, millions of people around the world live in homes that have a pool, whether this is an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool.  There is simply nothing nicer than relaxing by a pool or getting in some great exercise while having fun.

When it comes to pools, and the overall cost, you really do have a huge choice.  Long gone are the days where a pool was simply a rectangle shape filled with water.  With modern construction methods and technology you can, depending on the size of your bank balance, have any size or shape of pool you want.

Before you go out looking for a pool company to construct your dream swimming pool is it import that you browse the web looking for ideas to inspire you.  Again, swimming pools can be constructed to whatever shape or size you want and the styling possibilities are infinite.


Swimming Pool at the Alila Uluwatu Resort, Bali, Indonesia.

Alila Uluwatu Resort, Bali, Indonesia.


Look at the two pictures above and note that this beautiful pool is situated in a Hotel.  When it comes to gathering ideas for a swimming pool design then, in my humble opinion, Hotels and Resorts provide some of the best sources of pool inspiration to be found.  Why?  The Hotel and Resort business is a very competitive market and they go to huge lengths to woo their customers and the focal point of any hotel or resort is generally the swimming pool – it’s where many guests spend a lot of time and can make the hotel or resort memorable.  Hotels and resorts spend vast sums on pool design and construction with the single concept of producing a pool where its guests will stand back and look in awe.  So, if you are looking for inspiration for your pool design, turn to the hotels and resorts for some incredible ideas that maybe you could incorporate into your pool.

On with the show… below is a compilation of some stunning swimming pools.  Some are situated at private residences while others are hotel and resort based.


Creating a swimming pool takes flare, imagination and the ability to use your surroundings to full effect.

Stunning Residential Swimming Pool


This stunning residential swimming pool is cleverly designed to allow the owners to enjoy the magnificent views whether taking a swim or relax in the jacuzzi or sitting by the pool. The pool and its lighting cleverly blend in to the scenery and add a real touch of class to the home.


Macau peninsula, the Crown Macau’s infinity-edge swimming pool

Macau peninsula, the Crown Macau’s infinity-edge swimming pool


The pool at the Crown Macau certainly provides guest with incredible views. The elegant pool design sweeps around taking full advantage of the back drop scenery and has been voted as one of the 10 Best Hotel Swimming Pools by US Forbes Traveler.


Residential Swimming Pool that flows with the home.

Residential Swimming Pool that flows with the home.


This residential swimming pool is carefully designed so that it wraps itself around the home. This allows the occupants to view the pool from any room and adds a stunning feature to the home.


Wrap Around Residential Pool

Another fine example of a swimming pool has been designed to wrap around the home.


Another fine example of a swimming pool that has been designed to wrap around the home.


With wonderful curving lines, this swimming pool blends perfectly into the landscape.

Stunning Infinity Swimming Pool


With wonderful curving lines and its infinity edge, this swimming pool blends perfectly into the landscape. Note the clever use of fine gravel that creates the impression of a natural beach. This is one of those swimming pool designs that goes beyond the conventional train of thought and the result is a pools that is unique, unusual and stunning.


Infinity pools allow you to have uninterrupted views of the landscape beyond.

Stunning Infinity Pool


Having a great view is a real bonus and if you are lucky enough to have a stunning view of the landscape then there is no need to obscure it with a swimming pool.  Infinity pools are specifically designed to allow the pool to incorporate itself with its surroundings and the pool above is fine example of how beautiful a pool can look when constructed with a little vision and love for the landscape.


Who says you can't have a pool if you live in a cold climate?

Icelandic Swimming Pool


Can I build a pool in a cold climate? Well, why not.  The pool above is situated in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Grindavik. Because it is heated geothermically this means there is no need for heat.  Surely not everyone could have a pool like this, but it is a stunning example of ingenuity.


This stunning indoor pool is built into a barn.

Indoor Swimming Pool – Barn Style


An old barn converted to house an indoor swimming pools. With natural earthen colors and exposed brickwork the designers of this swimming pool took great care to ensure this modern addition did not look out of place in the old barn.


Stunning indoor pool that incorporates some very clever lighting to soften the effect.

Stunning Indoor Swimming Pool with Clever Lighting


The soft mauve lighting in the ceilings, complimented with wall lighting, makes this a truly  stunning example of an indoor swimming pool that no doubt gives its residents untold pleasure.


If you are into the minimalist look then this indoor pool will provide a striking addition to the home.

Modern Minimalist Indoor Swimming Pool


If you are into the minimalist look then this indoor pool will provide a striking addition to the home. Note the use of mosaic pool tiles that provides the strong influence to the color of the pool while the mirror create the illusion of added space.  With all minimalist design the idea is to create clean lines, simple but effective coloring and open space. This is a fine example of a minimalist pool design.


A stunning example of a wrap around swimming pool that brings both the indoors and outdoors together.

Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool


I am sure you will agree that this pool, with its beautiful lighting and mini waterfall, is something rather special.  Look carefully at how well the designers managed to bring the pool into the house while still retaining the outdoor pool look.  The living space almost becomes an oasis with the natural elements such as the rocks and waterfall.


Overlooking the Andaman Sea this infinity pool take full advantage of the ocean view.

Stunning Elevated Infinity Pool


This stunning villa is actually up for sale. It’s located on the West Coast of Phuket, Thailand and commands an elevated position overlooking the Andaman Sea and this infinity pool takes full advantage of the crystal blue ocean views.


A beautiful example of a well designed infinity pool that allows the owners to take advantage of the sea views around them.

Infinity Swimming Pool


A beautiful example of a well designed infinity pool that allows the owners to take advantage of the sea views around them.  I really like the way that the terrace is below the pool and the views are just out of this world.


A truly stunning infinity pool that uses the beach in a very unique way.

Beach Resort Infinity Pool


Finally another Beach Resort, but this has to be one of my favorite designs.  Not only does it have uninterrupted views across the beautiful ocean, through the ‘Infinity’ design but it also uses the natural beach as an entry and exit point to the pool.  I also love the idea of the Jacuzzi Tub on the walkway as this allows you to relax while being totally surrounded by water.  I have to be honest here and say that I came across this image purely by accident in my research for great looking pool designs.  I have no idea where the result is, but if anyone knows please leave a comment below and I’ll add the information into the article.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey through the beautiful pool designs above and mostly I hope they have provided you with inspiration for the pool you might like to build.


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  • Truly stunning pools! Wish I knew where that last one is. That’s an amazing jacuzzi. I can’t choose a favorite … just can’t. They are all so amazing. The one in Iceland almost has the quality of a movie set, doesn’t it? The first one is a throwback to the ancient Roman baths. The Romans knew a thing or two about soaking and relaxing. I think I would like the beach style entrance in the 7th photo. Especially since I’m one of those who goes in an inch at a time. Lovely roundup!

    • hometipster

      Thanks Pangaea
      I like your take on the first pool being a kind of throwback from ancient Rome. Didn’t think of it like that but yes that fits.  I personally love the pools that use the natural entry by a beach – that being the 7th and last.  Glad you liked the article.  By the way, can you tell us more about your website?  Maybe write an article for – you obviously have a good take on Interior Design.

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