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4 Ways to Minimize the Cost of Repairs Around Your Home

Unexpected repairs around the home can suck a lot of money out of your bank account. If you’re like most people, you don’t have enough money sitting around to replace expensive items immediately. You can, however, follow a few tips that will help you minimize the cost of repairs. Perform Regular Maintenance to Extend Appliances’ Lifespans Your home appliances need regular maintenance to keep them in top condition for as long as possible. Some maintenance projects don’t require much effort. For instance, you can extend your refrigerator’s lifespan by cleaning the condenser coils every three months. You just need to use your vacuum cleaner to suck away pet hair, lint, and other debris that can get stuck on the coils. You can perform simple maintenance projects in a single afternoon, in...

5 Things You Might Not Know Could Destroy Your House

Is your house under attack from natural and man-made threats? Here are five things you might not know could compromise the structure of your house advised by All Weather Coating. Leaks They may not seem that threatening. You see a damp patch from a pipe or wall, call a plumber and get it fixed. But what if you have a hidden leak that is slowly saturating the structure while you are unaware of it? Mould and rot can both develop before you know there’s a problem. And because water travels, it can take some time to unearth the source of the leak. The solution is to carry out regular checks on your plumbing – the next time you have some routine maintenance, ask the plumber where most hidden leaks occur and follow any suggestions for checking.   Pests and Termites Termites, luckily, ...

Do you live in a flood risk area?

Even if your home or business was left untouched by the most recent round of flooding to hit the country, you could still be at risk at some point in the future. Floods can be caused by rivers or reservoirs bursting their banks, by sea surges, or by excessive ground and surface water. The Environment Agency categories areas as very low, low, medium and high risk. Very low risk areas have less than a 1 in 1,000 chance of flooding each year. In areas defined as low risk, the chance of flooding rises to a maximum of 1 in 100, or one per cent, each year. The chance of a flood rises to as high as 1 in 30 in medium risk areas, while in high risk areas the chance of a flood is greater than 1 in 30. The calculations take into account any flood defences that may have been installed, as these reduce...

Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

A house never feels as much like a home as when it has a pet in it, and there’s no doubt that pets can give their owners enormous pleasure. They also, however, mean a lot of extra housework, which effectively calls for a management plan beginning with anticipating just where the problems are likely to lie.

Make Your Windows Sparkle

Learn how to clean glass windows like a pro in half the time. Learn how to use the ENJO Window Cleaner and pick up some green cleaning tips. Follow these simple ENJO instructions to see how quick and easy clean windows can be achieved without chemicals.

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