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How Smart Home Gadgets Can Leave You Vulnerable

As smart devices—internet-connected gadgets that can control everything from your window blinds to your printer—have exploded onto the market, the potential for a smarter, more efficient, more customized, and more connected home has never been greater. Having a smart home may seem like it comes with very few drawbacks, but these devices may not be as secure as you think. Most people are aware of the security problems inherent in a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But they may not be aware of the similar vulnerabilities present in smart TVs, thermostats, baby monitors, and a whole host of other smart devices. With the increase in these devices’ capabilities has come an increase in potential security weaknesses, but unlike computers, these devices normally have very few, if any, security p...

Having quality CCTV installed in your home

Nothing is more important than home security and if you want to improve the security at your home, then you will need to get some professional help from a security specialist. You can find a company that offers a wide range of security equipment that can be used on your home from CCTV cameras through to burglar alarms. It is always important to feel safe in your own home, whether you are inside your home or you want to go away for a while. You can look online for a company that specialises in good quality CCTV in Perth, London, New York or any other big city in the world by doing an online search and you will need to do some background research on the company to ensure that they have a good reputation in the sector.   CCTV Installation It is important to ensure that you invest in a go...

How to Best Protect Against Home Invaders

Crime statistics have nearly doubled in every major American city in the last year. Home owning, law abiding citizens fear violent criminal action the most, but the overwhelming majority of professional and would-be thieves prefer to work without violence.

Home Security: Reviewing The Situation

Home security ... it's an important issue and here we provide some valuable advise on alarm systems, their types and what you need to consider before purchasing one.

Tips for Making Your Home Safe and Secure

Long gone are the days when you could leave your doors and windows open day or night. Learn how to make your home safer and more secure with the tips and advice in this video.

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent

These days, literally anything can happen. It’s reported that in the U.S. a home invasion happens every 14 seconds and a burglar has no preference in targeting a rental or owned residence. If you don’t have a home security system, you are 300 percent more likely to experience a home invasion. Things like security yard signs, window decals and a 24/7 monitoring system greatly deter the risks of being burglarized. Unfortunate renters and homeowners alike will lose approximately $1,725 in property loss and damages. It’s expensive to be robbed…but affordable to protect your home day in and day out. Renters Alarm Co. provides wireless home security systems for renters. It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved to an apartment, townhome, condo or house…a wireless system doesn’t i...

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

Infographic will information about Home Energy bills.

Add Security to Your Home with a Simple Solution

Article on Home Security and how you can add to the security with some simple solutions.

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