Three Small Steps To Renovating Your Small Kitchen

Looking to create your perfect kitchen? Here's some design ideas for creating the perfect kitchen in your home.THREE SMALL STEPS TO RENOVATING YOUR SMALL KITCHEN – For many, renovating the kitchen can be a challenging and expensive task. Although there is no doubt that a full kitchen renovation will be worthwhile in the long run, the cost of such an improvement can sometimes be more than any home owner can afford.

With that in mind however, there are a few simple steps you can take to giving your kitchen a small, yet entirely effective makeover.

Invest in lighting

Although this may sound somewhat silly, the truth is that just by changing the lighting arrangements in your kitchen, you can for very little money, refresh the entire feel of your kitchen.

Simply by adding LED lights underneath your cabinets for example, you can give your kitchen a whole aesthetic makeover.

If you do fancy having a change around with your lighting, LEDs are proven to be more economical and energy efficient than contemporary light bulbs.  In fact, 80 per cent of their energy output is dedicated to light and can last up to 100,000 hours; meaning that in the long run, you can actually save money.

One the other hand, you can also make use of the natural light that is afforded to you.

Simply by taking changing your blinds, switching to curtains or installing French doors, you can totally redefine the way that your kitchen feels and looks; in the height of spring and summer, there simply is nothing better than walking into a fresh, sunlit kitchen.

Buy the small things

Though more often than not, you are encouraged to buy a whole new kitchen for your home, the truth is that you can start off with the small things in life.

Simply by being able to buy handles and hinges from many companies, you are given the freedom to renovate your kitchen little by little.

For things such as ornaments, you can of course scour the drift and charity shops to find some of the hidden gems that are dotted around. If you’re aiming for a rustic theme for your kitchen, drift shops will be the best and cheapest places to get what you want.

Start from the floor

If you are looking for long-term ROI, you can of course invest in some hardwood flooring. Thanks to the quality of many hardwood floors, you can actually raise the value of your home, and if you’re looking to move in the future, they are proven to help a house sell quicker.

On the other hand however, there is nothing wrong with installing an engineered floor into your home, as although many think that they can devalue the worth of your home, this is simply not the case.

At the same time however, aesthetically at least, there is no difference between a hardwood floor and an engineered one; it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend.