Tips on Making Your Dishwasher Last Longer

Like all kitchen appliances your dishwasher will wear out and need replacing.  On that note you can, with just a little tender loving care, extend the working life of your dishwasher.  Here’s some great tips on how…

Tip 1

Load your dishwasher correctly by following the manufacturer’s loading recommendations.  Simply throwing in the dishes and pots is not a good idea, while loading the dishwasher properly will help it to run more efficiently and quieter.

Tip 2

Like any machine the parts need to move in order to stay in good working order so you should run the washing cycle once a day.  By doing so you ensure that any debris does not remain in the inner workings or pipes.

Make sure that once you have run the cycle that the dishwasher drains properly.  If not then check the waste pipes and clean these out if necessary.  This little tip will not only extend the life of your dishwasher it will also negate the need for possible expensive repairs.

Tip 3

Rinse your dishes and other items before placing them in the dishwasher.  Lots of debris may cause the pipes to clog which means having to clean them out or worse go to the expense of calling out an engineer.

Tip 4

Give your dishwasher a good clean out once every week.  DO NOT use detergents other than the detergent you use to clean your dishes.  Why?  You will find that the next time you go to use your dishwasher it will all foam up from the detergent.

Tip 5

Once a week check the spinning arm in your dishwasher.  Remove any debris blocking the water jet holes and make sure that the spinning arm does move freely.  Bits and pieces of food can get trapped in the water jets which block the flow of water. These can be removed using a toothpick, but better yet follow Step 3 above – but do check once a week to make sure.

Tip 6

If your dishwasher is connected to the ‘Garbage Disposal Unit’ then flush this before using the dishwasher – just turn on your tap for a few minutes.  This helps reduce the amount of work that the pump, on your dishwasher, has to do in order to remove the water from your dishwasher.

Tip 7

ALWAYS follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for use and maintenance. These are specifically designed to help the dishwasher last longer and remember that each model will have different operating instructions and guidelines so make sure you read them thoroughly.

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