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Tips for a Keeping Your Garden Shed Tidy

Tips for a Keeping Your Garden Shed TidyWith summer here (in theory), you may have recently gone to your shed to do a bit of gardening only to close the door in fright and disgust at the amount of clutter and disorganised mess hidden behind the wooden box.

Organising your garden shed and keeping it tidy will ensure you can access your tools and equipment with ease, and taking a day to sort and declutter will keep you in good stead for years to come.

In this guest post, York Timber Products offer some tips on the best ways to tidy and organise your shed:


Sort Everything

If your shed is stacked to the roof with bits and pieces, take time to remove everything from the shed and place it in your garden, organising everything into blocks such as power tools, garden tools, storage, and items you feel you can do without. We envision this rubbish pile will be pretty big, and your first major job is to get rid of it.


Tidy Inside

Give your garden shed a thorough clean – sweep the floor, wash down surfaces and shelving and give any windows a shine too. With the shed empty, you can now start to visualise how it can be organised and any items you might need to do it.


Reorganise Your Shed

There are a whole load of little fixes and tweaks you can make to tool storage in your shed to ensure it remains clean and tidy, and you’ll want to keep everything organised within the groups you’ve laid them out in. Here are a few of our own tips for saving space:

  • Use hooks or pegs for putting hoses on
  • Fix tool hangers to the wall so long-handled tools such as spades and forks are to hand
  • Metal shelving can provide great storage when a simple shelf doesn’t
  • Use old plastic ice cream tubs and take-away containers to store small items, just make sure to label them.
  • Use an old toilet-roll holder to store twine and wire on the walls

Putting the tools back in organised order like this will make gardening a doddle.

If you implement all the changes we’ve talked about today you will notice a huge difference when it comes to getting down to gardening and will save you a lot of time and effort.

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