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Transform Landscapes By Building A Pergola

TRANSFORM LANDSCAPES BY BUILDING A PERGOLA – A pergola is a beautiful asset to a landscape. Pergolas are structures that direct you from one location to another area with an open framed walkway similar to an arbor. To build a pergola, it will require some materials and design ideas.

Types of Wood Pergolas

A wood pergola will have a natural look. A simple way to design a pergola is with three planks of wood placed together to form an entrance way  or lattice can be added to give it an ornamental look. In addition, wood pergolas can be styled with specialty woods such as, bamboo, logs or tree branches to give it a more rustic feel.

pergola designs

Alternate Materials to use for a Pergola

1. Vinyl and Recycled Plastics

The vinyl and recycled plastics are almost maintenance free materials. They can look like a wood pergola but they will not need repainting after being exposed to the elements like the wood ones will need. In addition, the vinyl or recycled plastic pergolas will not rot or decay like the ones made from wood will.

2. Metal

A metal rebar pergola has the tendency to rust, and it will require maintenance to prevent the access rust from marring the look. However, some metals can be used to create a different look that cannot be obtained using other materials. For instance, cast iron can be used to form different shapes, and other metals can add details such as, curved or angular designs. Copper metals will create a patina of browns and blue-greens.

3. Living Materials

Bamboo, shrubs or trees are grown in rows to create a different pergola using live materials. Tie the branches together to train them to curve in the right direction. The branches will curve over the walkway to create the pergola. The branches will allow air to flow throughout the pergola making it feel and look natural as you walk along the path.


Pergola design with a Hot Tub


Types of Pergola Designs

  • Simple
  • Elaborate
  • Formal
  • Rustic
  • Heavy
  • Light
  • Decorated
  • Minimal

To create an elaborate design, add textured, paved or planted paths though the pergola. The plants will form gardens on the sides of the walkway. Add vines to the structure to accent an area. This can be done minimally or heavily depending on the desired look. For a heavier pergola, pillars can be made from cement, blocks or bricks. These items will make the structure more solid.

Pergolas can be created from almost any material and in any style. However, the structure needs to be solidly built to ensure that it is strong enough to endure the weather.


How to use a Pergola in a Landscape

A pergola can be used to divide the property into different areas. For instance, a pergola can lead to a house from another structure such as a garage, pool, guesthouse or meditation area. The pergola offers you a chance to display vines, grapes, wisteria and other living materials in a unique way. A living material passageway will feel enclosed, but it will still look and feel natural and create a beautiful addition to any area.

Transform a dull area into a spectacular area with a simple, elaborate or natural looking pergola. Create a pergola with a fun design to add interest to the landscape. Basic designs can enhance a landscape by adding texture and colour to the area.

To get started, you will first want to decide where to locate the pergola. Then, choose a design and materials. Once all the supplies are gathered, you can start building your very own pergola to transform and beautify the landscape.


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