Wall Decorating Ideas and Tips

Wall Decorating - Ideas and Tips

WALL DECORATING IDEAS AND TIPS - Empty walls are begging for action, and there are hundreds of fantastic ways an empty wall can be decorated. Wall décor is one type of interior design that lends itself to DIY, inexpensive options. Wall art can be created from items found around the house such as empty paper towel rolls or old magazines from which colorful photographs can be cut and arranged into collages.

Simple patterns are the easiest to use such as flowers and geometrical shapes made from bottle tops and empty plastic cups. Potato prints are easy to do and can look bright and cheerful or neutral and sophisticated. Cut a potato in half and cut away the potato on the cut side to create a raised shape. It can be a star, or just a square. Get some acrylic paint and dip the potato in the paint and stamp it on the paper. By using several colors, a beautiful design can be created with just one or two potato stamps.

Clusters are an artful combination of several similar designs. They can be made with dried leaves, shoe boxes, scraps of cloth or anything that has an interesting color or texture and can be attractively arranged on paper or canvas. Samples of elegant wallpaper can be framed, so it looks like fine art.

These DIY artworks can be done by anyone, even children, and they will be eye-catching. The most important thing to remember is to be free and imaginative without worrying about the results. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. After all, it’s cheap and fun. Put tape on a canvas or any other removable sticker in the shape of a design and paint over it. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and stickers and see the modern painting.

Candles are another easy and inexpensive way to decorate walls. They can be romantic or festive and they always give soothing light. There are many styles of wall mounted fixtures that hold candles including iron Mexican, delicate porcelain, sleek steel and old fashion styles used before electricity was installed in every home.

Always have at least three inches between each candle even in a group design and make sure the objects under the candles are nonflammable. They should be put in well-ventilated places that do not have drafts, and they should never be left unattended.

Candles can be hung in pairs on either side of a painting or photograph. They should be the right size so as not to distract from the art. A mirror in between two candles will make the space seem larger in a small room. Candles also are a good way to accent a window and its view.

Simple shelves hung on a wall can show off any collection, but look especially nice with a few candles either in groups or as single decorative objects. If the shelf has photographs, a few candles among them will showcase them.

Candles can also add interest to an accent wall. It may be a small collection of paintings or simply be painted a different color than the rest of the room. Candle sconces that complement the décor can be added as design elements to attract attention to the collection.

Candles come in many colors and styles and can be an accent for other art or collections, or they can present the art itself with many beautiful colors, designs and fragrances available. An empty wall is just waiting for the decorator’s touch that will brighten up any living space.