Water Technology around the House

WATER TECHNOLOGY AROUND THE HOUSE – If you are one of those individuals that are much concerned about the status of their surroundings and environment, you may need to consider acquiring eco shower head and you might also need to consider having a good water filtration system within your home. Definitely, you are already doing everything possible to minimize the volume of contaminants that tend to have a negative impact on the general ecosystem.

There are quite a number of people that see the purchase of water filters as a worthwhile investment with more benefits. Most people would only consider these filtration systems on their bearing and impact on health. There is a developing concern about our water sources because they are becoming rapidly polluted with chemical and biological substances. Research indicates that in certain sources, there are more than ninety thousand different chemicals.

If you want to secure the health of your entire family and prevent them from coming in contact with contaminants more frequently, it would be worth getting these shower heads and install them in certain rooms in the house such as the bathroom among others. You might be surprised to learn that a number of people get exposed to chlorine while they are taking a shower. This exposure could result in respiratory related conditions such as asthma. Chlorine is a harmful chemical and it tends to vaporize much more than water does. This implies that while you’re breathing steam generated in the shower, similarly, you would be breathing in a significant amount of chlorine.

When water flows downstream, all the contaminants end-up at a waste water treatment facility. Although they can remove some contaminants in the water, they can’t remove all of them. Consequently, downstream far away from you, wildlife and fish are exposed to a significant dose of the contaminants, most of which leads to mutations. In case there is any drinking-water treatment facility away from you, then people served by this water are exposed to cancer-causing chemicals since the facilities are yet to get a large-scale contaminant removal method.

Showering with the conventional shower head would also expose you to a constant stream of chloroform and methane gas since these chemicals are generated when the trihalomethanes (THMs) come into contact with air. These chemical compounds would all gain access to the bloodstream through the porous tissues, which are part of the lungs. The chemical would then accumulate in the soft tissues that are spread throughout the body. Environment friendly shower heads could help in reducing the extent of exposure by up to 90 percent in most cases.

Another notable benefit offered by these products is that they prevent your body from absorbing heavy and toxic metals like copper and lead while you are taking a bath. You might think that you don’t have access to these risks because you don’t take baths. However, people that have installed a filter in the shower tend to have less dry and soft skin.

From an environmental viewpoint, it’s quite logical to install shower heads with filters in your house. The majority of people are conscious about the environment and would do everything possible to conserve the environment.

Take a look at the video above as this provides you with some excellent ways to save water around your home.

  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.wozny.7 Donna Wozny

    Very important facts presented in this article.  I have found that most people, unless they work the land or live near a waterway are rarely aware or care about the effects chemicals in our water have on the environment let alone that they are suppressing their own immune systems.   As you pointed out we are “in contact” with water thru so much of our day we should be more conscious of its content and our usage.  I know people who still run the water whilst doing dishes or washing the car-makes me cringe.  There are homes I have been to that when they turn on the tap you can smell the chlorine…and they will drink it!!
         The aerated showerhead is one of the best inventions to come along but I didn’t realize you can get one outfitted for your sinks.  I am interested in checking out the dual flush system for the toilet…how does that differ from a low-flow system and can it also be used for an upstairs bathroom?
       Thank-you for an article that presents the facts in a non-confrontational way and is not “overly green.”  Some are just plain obnoxious and offensive.

    • hometipster

      Hi Dee

      As you can see the article was written by Integrity, one of our site contributors, and he writes some interesting articles.

      I certainly agree with you, I’m not sure that most of us are really aware of the water pollution that we do create and this article certainly raises some interesting points and facts.

      Living here is slightly different as our drinking water is delivered as the mains water is not potable.  Thailand, to my dismay pumps their waste water here on the island of Phuket straight out to sea and there was a recent study where they found that the acceptable level of pollutants and harmful bacteria was over 5,000 times higher than the acceptable levels in Europe – and people swim in it!

      Certainly the article is not overly green, green, green as some that I’ve seen and I agree it makes some very good points.

      Regarding the toilet – I could be way off base here but aren’t these the same, low level flush and dual flush?  I know that they are both designed to reduce the amount of water used and I certainly cannot see why either cannot be used in upstairs bathroom.  I know, when I lived the UK we hand a dual flush upstairs and it was fine.

      Glad you liked the article.


      • Vineyardflute

        Hi Graham,
            Maybe they are the same?  I just know when we re-did our upstairs bathroom we were told lo-flow toilets do not work well upstairs due to water pressure issues.  We purchased a toilet that took the least amount of water suggested and have been very unhappy with it as it  often needs 2 flushings for even the smallest deposit.  We obviously made a wrong choice and maybe had gotten bad advice.
         Thank you for your help and I will be looking into this further,  Dee

        • hometipster

          Hi Dee
          I’m not 100% regarding the pressure issues.  It’s worth asking a few different suppliers and getting their views.  Try posting the question on Hometalk and see what the folks there say… chances are someone would be able to give you an answer.

          Sorry I can’t be more help.  Graham

          • vineyardflute

            Hi Graham, I asked around and lo’ and behold it was an easy fix! A quick adjustment inside the tank helped change the float so it would fill higher. Thanks, Dee

          • hometipster

            Hi Dee

            That’s such as cool and easy fix. I’m sure anyone else reading this will find that most useful. So grateful for the feedback.

            Have a great day Dee.