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Wonderful Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features - Image 8It’s been said many times that a garden is never truly complete without the element of water for it completes the circle of nature.

On that note the circle of nature consists of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water and there are many gardens that purposefully include all four elements so that the garden encompasses the full array of natural elements.

Unless you concrete your entire garden it’s safe to say that it will contain the element of ‘Earth’ but what about water?

The most common train of thought when it comes to including the element of ‘Water’ into the garden is to build a garden pond.  However, for many this causes a dilemma. Firstly a garden pond can take up a lot of your time in maintenance.

Secondly, and this is specifically for those with young children, there is a worry that a garden pond simply adds an element of danger. Yes you could fence off the pond but that rather detracts from its purpose of being part of the garden and there’s the consideration that children love to explore … how long do you think it will take before they climb over the fence just to satisfy their curiosity?

So you really want to include the element of ‘Water’ in your garden but a pond is out of the question. The solution is to create a beautiful garden water feature.

The great thing about garden water features is that they are for the most part child-friendly and there is a vast choice of styles to choose from.

Another attractive thing about a garden water feature is that they are relatively easy to build yourself so you don’t necessarily have to go out and spend a lot of money.

With that said here’s just a few but fine examples of wonderful garden water features to help inspire you.

Garden Water Features - Image 6

Image Above: The classical globe water feature but one made out of glass. This adds another dimension which makes it really appealing.  Note how clever the designers have been to surround it by flowers which acts as a barrier against people stepping on the plate and touching the orb.

Garden Water Features - Image 5

Image Above: Water walls are a great way to add a water feature to your garden and this particular one uses stainless steel so that everything reflects from it adding another interesting feature. Note carefully you can see the element ‘Fire’ in the reflection which suggests a fire feature … nice, but not practical if you have young children.

Garden Water Features - Image 3

Image Above: Lights and water work extremely well together and this is a fine example. It’s certainly designed as a contemporary minimal piece in order to showcase the full effect. It’s also nice that they have included a waterfall which as in the last example uses stainless steel to produce a reflection.

Garden Water Features - Image 4

Image Above: Last but not least you could just keep it simple.  A nice bowl with a few plants and water can really transform an area. A word of caution here … if you live in a climate prone to mosquitoes then this is not such a good idea. Mosquitoes like nothing more than standing water in which to breed and you’ll end up with a real problem. On that note I have seen such water features in South East Asia (Thailand to be exact) and many Thais love to have water features. They combat, or rather reduce, the issue of mosquitoes breeding by introducing small fish which in turn make a meal our of the larvae.

Whichever type of garden water feature you choose think carefully about size, location in the garden, your children if you have them and the style that will complement your garden design.

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