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Wrought Iron Furniture Styles Present In Vintage Décor

Vintage may be used as a really generic term at the moment but it really talks about the forties and fifties. This is one thing that many do not know. It is easy to describe it as being nostalgic since most people that love it are old at the moment. However, vintage décor is quickly gaining popularity and it is making a comeback, being popular even among very young people. We thus often see wrought iron furniture that was either passed down from one generation to the next or that was now built in demand and in stores from all around the world.

Furniture Influences

The really massive trend that involved wrought iron furniture appeared in the twenties in USA because of designers like Leinfelder and Salterine. It was John B Salterini that was a really big influence and did a lot to popularize the material. He started to use the design for both outdoor and indoor furniture, including decorative racks for wine bottles. The trends made it to Europe and started to be used by people in the high society.

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era showed a revival of every single important style from Gothic to Rocco. Décor was basically opulent and highly luxurious. Wrought iron furniture elements were very popular because it was easy to create elaborate designs that were highly intricate. Industrial revolutions allowed mass production of this material and the traditional craftsman produced designs that were highly attractive for a Victorian home. England stood out as the country that basically adored furniture made out of iron during this period.

Art Nouveau

This style appeared in the 1890s thanks to the Arts And Crafts movement. It appeared as a way to move away from what was seen as traditional at that point in time. Wrought iron furniture was clearly influenced then and started to showcase curvy designs that would incorporate birds, vines, flowers and plants. They were easy to create so popularity was almost instant.

Shabby Chic

We usually talk about this movement by saying French Country. That may not be completely accurate since there are so many interpretations and variations. Only during the eighteenth century we saw the style being properly coined. It was really well influenced by the antique French style. Wrought iron furniture at the time was aged vintage and rustic. It was actually quite similar to what is now offered by modern stores like that specialize in antique and rustic furniture.


Interior décor gothic style had a strong influence from medieval architecture and churches. It had a comeback during the late 1800s because of the dramatic and grand style showcased. The people that love this style will use really detailed and dark wrought iron furniture in order to create a magnificent and imposing gothic interior that is filled with symbolism.

As you can see, wrought iron was popular in many different eras and it is really great to see it make another comeback. That is definitely normal since we now have access to modern technology that can shape wrought iron however we want.

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