5 reasons why you should hire a pro to lay your tiles

When it comes to doing some jobs around a home such as hanging picture frames and repairing leaking taps with new washers, there are a few things that any keen DIY enthusiast can handle without any help from a professional. However, there are also some jobs that should never be tackled by anyone other than an expert such as rewiring or replacing a boiler and this includes laying tiles. Many people believe that they can lay their own tiles and while some can do a fairly decent job; they will simply never achieve the same effect that a skilled tile layer can. Not only will a professional be able to lay tiles immaculately but they will also be able to do it far quicker than a regular DIY fan can and achieving a smooth finish is so important when laying tiles – it is never worth trying to do i...

Using the Right Tiles for Your Tiling Projects

Learn more about the tiles you want to use in your home. In this guide we cover the different types of tiles available regarding their material and look at where and where not to use certain tiles.

Mosaic Tiling Inspiration

Thinking about tiling your bathroom or kitchen? Well before you do consider using Mosaic Tiles because you can not only produce the most intricate of patterns you can also let your imagination run wild in terms of your overall design. Take a look at this video and see what others have produce... they are simply amazing.

How to Tile Over an Existing Floor

An in-depth analysis on how to tile over an existing floor. We will take you through some very simple steps as well as some impressive tips.

Advantages of Modern Tiling

Modern tiling has become a key part to your home today. We look into what ways modern tiling could dd, to your home.

Wall Tiles – The Trendy Wall Decorator!

Wall Tiles - The craze of using tiles are increasing due to the plus point that they are ease to curve or cut into any shape based on your choice.

On the Level: Top Tips for Installing Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Thinking about putting up a suspended ceiling in your home? Here's some great advice and tips for installing a suspended ceiling.

Mosaic Tiles vs Ceramic Wall Tiles – What to Choose

Thinking about tiling but not sure whether you want Mosaic Tiles or Ceramic Tile? Here's some guidance that should help you to choose.

How to Replace a Wall Tile

Learn how to replace a wall tile with this easy to follow step-by-step diy tiling guide.

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